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Welcome to the J & P Ranch, 124 acres of woods, pastures, ponds and streams, where your horses are cared for as if they were our own. Take a ride up through the hills, and you'll see ranch cattle grazing in the meadows, deer and elk through the trees, and a view of Agate Lake that is just awesome! Or maybe ride down to the lake, and watch the ospry , hawks and , if you get lucky, the bald eagles that command the sky! The most common reaction by first time visitors? ' Wow, this is gorgeous, has this always been here? ' Well, it is here now, and we at the J & P love to share our great facilities and beautiful countryside with everyone who enjoys ranch life and horses as much as we do.
Love Trail Riding? This is the place for you! Whether you're in the mood for an easy ride on well marked trails, or want the challenge of finding your own way cross country, just mount up and go! Want company? No problem. Our boarders love the trails and will jump at the chance to show you around. Awesome views, deer and elk, ospreys and eagles, ride the high meadows or into the lake. It doesn't get any better.
New Horse Owner? We're here to help! We know that handling horses can be a little intimidating, so we have assistance and training for you AND your horse. Riding and horsemanship lessons are available for the young and not-so young, new riders and experienced alike.
Horse Training - Great in the arena, but spooky on the trail? We can help. Can't be out as often as you like but your horse needs to be ridden? We can do that. Behavior problems, won't trailer, won't stand still when you mount, jigging, etc.? We can take care of that and we'll do it patiently, using natural horesmanship methods.
Family and Friends? Bring 'em out! We have solid ranch horses available for your guests' use, or we can take them on a carriage ride around the ranch. For that matter, they are welcome to stroll around the ranch, sit around the firepit, or just 'pet horses'.

Everyone's favorite, the Gathering Room. This is where there is (almost) always hot coffee, a place out of the weather to relax, swap stories (some are even true), and generally hang out. Plenty of free advice, nice people, and no end of friendly dogs who really need to have their heads' scratched!

On the front porch the sign says 'C'MON IN!'
We couldn't say it any better.

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