Arrange A Fun Life For Your Rabbit.

Cardboard tunnel.

Even looking at the cartoon, you can understand that the rabbit and the hole are inseparable concepts. Therefore, there is no doubt that your pet would gladly dig a cozy mink for itself. It is impossible to arrange this in an apartment, so offer an alternative to the rabbit — a cylinder-shaped cardboard box, stuffed with paper or, for example, a small towel. The construction of this will look very much like a tunnel, so the rabbit will gladly dig a passage in this tunnel.

Box of papers.

If you notice that your pet only does that it tries to dig a hole where it doesn’t get, take note of it! It is straightforward to entertain such a “kopalschik”. Find a large cardboard box, a newspaper or other soft paper at home (you can replace it with hay) and make a passage on the side, like in a hole. Put the box where the rabbit usually digs. Believe, your pet will appreciate your gift, and it will be provided with an exciting lesson for the whole day.

Waste paper.

You come home, and the wallpaper is torn? Are you in a panic? Take it easy. Most likely, it is impossible to rid your rabbit of such a habit, but it’s quite realistic to channel his energy into a more peaceful course. Surely you have old magazines, newspapers or reference books in your home that you no longer use. That they are not lying idle, show them to the rabbit. He will gladly tear the waste paper to shreds and will get a lot of pleasure from it! However, after such rabbit games will have to carry out general cleaning of the apartment. But what can’t you do to make the little animal happy!

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Plastic and metal toys.

Rabbits who like to have fun like that, surely more than once overturned their tray filled with food, a plate of food, and scattered your things. To avoid this, buy them more toys. Only they must be plastic or metal, solid so that there are no small parts. And the problem “Where are my keys gone?” Will disappear by itself.

Obstacle course.

There are melancholic rabbits who are sad most of the day in the corner of their cage. And some active people need to run, play, and have fun for half a day. Better yet, climb somewhere! To prevent your couch, chair, and nightstand from being raided by eared ones, build a safe obstacle course for them. Here again, boxes that can be put one on another in the form of a ladder and securely fasten will be useful. The rabbit will gladly jump this ladder. And if you provide the stairs with holes, then this will not be a ladder, but a whole multi-level platform for games!

Branches and magazines – to be torn apart.

Most often, owners of domestic rabbits suffer from the fact that their favorite pets spoil things. But do not be angry: after all, this is a rabbit, and it cannot help but gnaw – such is nature. Therefore, the more things in your house will be that you don’t feel sorry for giving the eared toy to be torn apart, the better. Of the safest, you can advise cardboard boxes, branches of non-poisonous trees and shrubs, wicker things without varnish, thick magazines.

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Rattles and balls.

If your pet is aggressive enough and spills out its negative emotions, kicking you and everything that gets in the way, buys him a “pushing toy.” This, for example, rattles that can be hung from the ceiling of the cell — ideal toys designed for large parrots. Just pay attention to the fact that the toys do not contain small particles. Otherwise, the rabbit can get hurt. For rabbits with this character fit all sorts of balls or balloons.

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