Ball For Rabbits.

Symbol of the year of the rabbit ball.

In our country, an obligatory New Year’s Eve hero is not only Santa Claus, but also a symbol of the coming year! Figures of the symbol of the year or New Year’s candles of the symbol of the year are beautiful gifts for colleagues and friends. But your family and friends have already seen all this: last year and a year ago! So let’s surprise them with the air symbol of the year – invite the symbol of 2011 – the Rabbit from balloons!

Look at our dear Rabbit: is it charming?! It will not be too difficult for you to do the same for yourself! Just watch how we did it and repeat after us – we are sure that you will succeed!

To make this Christmas figure you will need the following materials:

  • Latex balloons 5″ Pastel RED – 1pc
  • Latex balloons 12″ WHITE pastel – 6pcs
  • Latex balloons 5″ Pastel WHITE – 9pcs
  • Latex balloons 16″ FUCHSIA – 1pcs
  • Foil balloon “White rabbit” – 1pc
  • Balls for modeling 270 Pastel WHITE – 4pcs
  • A tape for balloons – 1-2 meters
Ball for rabbits
  • To begin with, we will manufacture the basis for our composition. Take the balloons – now you need four 12″ and five 5″ balloon. Four balloons of each size inflate with air and tie into knots. Next, tie in pairs tails inflated balloons: each pair of balloons of the same size. Next, intertwine the resulting pairs of balloons with each other, forming two bundles of four balloons each. Remaining unreacted one 5″ fill the balloon with water and tie it up on a regular knot. Next, tie it to the center of a bunch of large balls. On the opposite side of this balloon, place a bunch of small balloons and intertwine the balloons of the two bundles so that all the small balloons “lie” on the larger ones – look at the photo. Next, take four balloons to simulate, inflate each of them with air using a hand pump, pulling off the tail of each balloon by 5-7cm. Tie all the balls to simulate each other by the knots, and using the same knots, tie them to the center of our base. Now take 16″ balloon, inflate it with air and tie it on the knot. Using the knot’s tail, tie the balloon also to the center of the base. Next, lift the balloons to simulate so that they circle the red balloon on all four sides. And, having rounded the balloon, twist all the balls for modeling together, fixing them on the top of the red balloon.
  • Now let’s inflate a foil balloon shaped Rabbit. Inflate this balloon with air and close it with a valve that is located in the tail of this balloon. Just swipe your finger over this valve several times, and the balloon will close. Now tie this foil ball with its tail to the center of a bunch of modeling balls – look at the photo. Next, take the remaining four 5″ Balloon white. Inflate each balloon with air, tie them into knots. Next, tie the balloons in pairs with each other by the tails and twist the resulting pairs together, forming a bunch of four balloons. This bundle must be placed under the foil figure, as shown in the photo. It remains to work with the balls for the simulation. Each modeling ball was not enough for you by 5-7cm, and therefore now the tips of these balls look very ugly. To give the ball a beautiful shape for modeling and to create a “pompon” at the tips of the balls for modeling, you need to move the air from the tip of the ball a little further away into the ball itself for modeling. To do this, gradually squeeze the ball to simulate, moving the air in it.
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Ball for rabbits
  • We have to make the legs of our Rabbit and give him a carrot! Paws make from 12″ balloons. Inflate them to about half the volume, tie a knot on the knot and “knead” each balloon so that it takes on a flat shape. Next, glue these “legs” to the body of the Rabbit with double-sided tape. Carrots will be made of 5″ red balloon. To do this, inflate a balloon with air, tie it onto a knot, and give a carrot shape to a balloon. Tie a green ribbon to its tail and curl it. The final touches are done with a black marker. Use a marker to draw the claws on the upper and lower paws of our Rabbit and stripes on the carrot.

Your Christmas figure is ready!

When you work with balloons, turn on your imagination! After all, so much can be made from this magical material!

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