Inside Chinchilla Walking.

Chinchilla walks through the apartment.

As already mentioned, chinchillas are twilight animals and in nature, become active after sunset. But at home, they can be accustomed to any mode, as you wish. If during the day you are at work, and no one is at home, then the chinchilla is sleeping at this time. But when you come home, the animal will immediately revive. And if you do not pay attention to him, then he will continue to sleep. And when you already want to sleep – he will start playing, jumping, making noise, attracting attention to himself, etc.

Therefore, from the very beginning, it is necessary to establish for him the mode of walking and waking at a convenient time for you. To do this, you need to talk to the animals as soon as you come home from work. And if he continues to sleep, then wake him up: open the cage, stroke it, scratch behind the ear, sides, tummy, tell him a few kind words – show attention. Then he will wake up. Turn on the TV so that he was not bored, and you can do your business. And when you are free from household chores and sit yourself down at the TV and can watch him, then let him go for a walk.

Chinchilla walking ball

Duration of the walk set yourself – it must be at least 30 minutes. Because active chinchillas can move, play, run, and ride only for about 30 minutes. Then they begin to look for a secluded place for respite to restore the pulse and breathing, and this can also last 20-30 minutes. Therefore, for the rest of the animal can choose a place where it can not get it. And if at this time no one will try to disturb it, then after the rest it will come out and run again, flirt with the owners, jump onto your knees, and even run on walls and heads. The animal can also choose a place to rest in its cage unless you close it right behind it. In this case, he will not be afraid that he will no longer be released, and will calmly run into a cage to drink, go to the toilet and rest so that later he will be free to go out again.

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If you want to teach the chinchilla to spend time with you, then during the walk the animal, when it already attracts your attention, jumping onto your lap to you, you can hold it with your hands and stroke it a little and scratch behind the ear. Only at first not for long. When it starts to break free, let it go. Then it will not be afraid of your hands, and the next time communication will last longer. After some time, the animal itself will run up to your hands and ask you to stroke and scratch it.

Chinchillas are big goons, very clever and cunning, and each animal has its character, just like people. They know how to rejoice when they are praised, to be offended when they are scolded, to pretend in all sorts of ways, when they want to achieve their goal, just like children. Therefore, it is necessary to educate them as children, do not indulge, and then immediately “sit on the head.” Here an approach is needed: somewhere to threaten strictly, somewhere to praise. They are very sensitive to the intonation of the voice and understand everything. And if you find the right approach, then the animal will love and respect you.

Chinchilla walking ball

Chinchillas are rodents. They have 20 teeth: 4 front incisors and 16 throat molars, which tend to grow constantly. Therefore, they need to nibble something to grind down their teeth. To do this, in addition to mineral pebbles, it is desirable to put a pine bar in the cage. The animal will be happy to do business and eventually create some “masterpiece” out of it: make it either a carrot, a ball, or something else interesting, because they like to smooth out sharp corners.

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If you put everything in a chinchilla cage that it can nibble, then it will not be too interested in furniture and wires outside the cage. But still, it is possible that the animal can nibble something outside the cage if you leave it for a long time without attention.

Just do not react very violently to the fact if he begins to try something on a tooth. Pretend that you do not care, and then you will not draw his attention to this subject. And if you start to drive away from the animal and shout that it can not be done, then he will first depart, but the next time, to get your attention, he will first run to this place and deliberately and consciously continue to nibble. And in this case, you have to try to transfer his attention to something else.

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