Walking The Chinchilla.

What are the ways of walking chinchillas on the street?

Walking on a chinchilla street: dangers and risks.

If you care about the health and life of your pet, do not try to walk it on the street. These animals become very vulnerable, having appeared outside of the equipped cage.

So, what awaits the rodent for a walk?

  • Impact harness and leash. Delicate chinchilla fur is wiped with a harness. After the walk, you may find that your charming pet is pretty fussy.
  • Risk of poisoning. These animals try everything for a tooth so that they can eat something inside that is not at all useful for them. Butts, plastic bags, plastic, poisonous plants – it is almost impossible to notice in time that the chinchilla tried something, and prevent it. Since the rodent has a very vulnerable gastrointestinal tract, after such tests it is expected or indigestion or constipation.
  • Risk of infection. On the street, there are many microorganisms, spores and other “of enemies”. Various microbes or fungi can easily attack the body of a chinchilla. If a pet becomes infected with protozoa, it can be fatal.
  • Danger of cold. Drafts can lead to colds.
  • Danger of injury. The harness and leash easily lead to injury because the chinchilla is used to jumping, not moving in steps. When jumping, the animal risks damaging its spine or ribs. He can also cut himself if he paws on the glass.
  • Stress. On the street, a rodent gets a stressful effect: noise, bright sun, unusual atmosphere, strange smells, the presence of other people or animals. Stress negatively affects the immunity of the animal, and the risk of various diseases increases many times.
Chinchilla walking

The city is not a suitable place for chinchilla walking. And the cottage, the forest? Also not options. The animal will be interested in the land and its contents, wild plants. All this is not suitable for him in food.

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How to walk the animal at home?

Some owners are walking their pet in the apartment. Best for this is suitable bedroom or hall. It is impossible to leave him unattended for this time. All potentially dangerous items should be removed, such as:

Chinchilla walking
  • wires;
  • houseplants;
  • unsuitable food (chocolate);
  • beads;
  • foil;
  • polyethylene;
  • threads;
  • varnished wood;
  • paper in the form of newspapers, magazines, napkins …
Chinchilla walking

It is necessary to closely monitor the animal while he examines the room. Try to close all the cracks so that it does not get stuck when you try to crawl through them. Do not allow chinchilla to contact with other animals. This can end badly. Special walking balls for these pets are sold. But using them is a bad idea. In the field of chinchilla can not jump, the risk of injury due to the fact that does not stop at the right time. Hot air leads to overheating, and this is extremely dangerous for the baby.

Chinchilla walking

How to keep chinchilla without walking?

Most owners are convinced that chinchillas with the right content do not need a walk. Proper maintenance includes a spacious cage, in which there are enough shelves, toys and accessories for grinding teeth, and there is also a wheel.

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