Chinchillas: Care And Maintenance At Home.

Increasingly, people choose this exotic animal as a pet. For those who became the owner of this funny animal, it will be useful to know how to properly care for and create the conditions for its comfortable living.

Chinchillas: care and maintenance at home

Chinchilla – This is a voluminous fluffy rodent from the highlands of the Andes. In nature, chinchillas live in colonies and are active in the dark. During the day, they hide in rocks or under stones, escaping from the heat and predatory animals. Because of the valuable fur, the chinchilla population has repeatedly been on the verge of extinction.

It is important to take into account all the fundamental needs of the chinchilla so that the rodent is healthy, cheerful, and endlessly pleased its owners.

Chinchillas: care and maintenance at home

Most of the time home chinchilla spends it in the cage. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the organization of its residents.

The cage must be at least 60 cm long and 50 cm wide for one animal. It is preferable to make the showcase high because the chinchilla has strong hind legs, designed primarily for jumping up.

The material for the display case may be different: metal, wood, glass. The main requirement is safety for the rodent. The showcase with the animal should not be located near the heating elements, under direct sunlight. It is installed in the most relaxed place, and where drafts are excluded.

For a chinchilla to hide and rest, it is necessary to put a house in a cage. All sorts of shelves, stairs, tunnels rodent actively use movement and jumping, which helps him to keep fit. If the size of the window allows, you can fix the wheel for running in it. Chinchilla is quite a cheerful and mobile beast, so the presence of wooden toys for daily entertainment is welcome.

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Usually, chinchillas at an early age are trained to use the toilet. As a toilet, you can use the usual cat tray small. Fill it with wood pressed pellets of sawdust. If the chinchilla was not accustomed to the bathroom, then sawdust is scattered at the bottom of the cage and changed once a week or as needed.

Also one of the obligatory rituals for these rodents is swimming. They clean their thick fur coat of chinchilla in special sand of fine fraction of volcanic dust. It is not allowed to get water on the fur of a rodent. Since they lack sebaceous and sweat glands, it is tough for them to recover heat after wetting. There is a chance that the animal will freeze and get sick.

Chinchillas: care and maintenance at home
  1. Bowl for food. It is carried out in several options: suspended or floor. It is recommended to choose a heavier feeder, which the chinchilla will be hard to knock over.
  2. Special drinker. As a rule, attached to the cage outside, has a nipple device for supplying water.
  3. Sennitsa. There are no specific requirements for the form or device of this optional accessory. The main thing is the ease of use and safety for the rodent. They are usually made in the form of a wooden box, sphere or cylinder from a metal grid.
  4. Mineral stones. An indispensable tool for maintaining healthy teeth in chinchillas. They are happy to gnaw stones and thereby grind down the growing incisors.

The content of the chinchilla must be treated with all responsibility. After all, his health, mood, and how the animal will relate to its owner depend on proper care.

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