A House Chinchilla. Pros And Cons.

Let’s ponder. Immediately you start in your head to sort through various acquaintances and friends who have pets in the house. We had a couple of parrots – gave, noise and rubbish from them, just the sea. There were a guinea pig and a hamster – the smell, I tell you, is fantastic. The niece had a rabbit – some cowardly and uninteresting.

Cats? It would be possible, but … Painfully they are independent and banal.

And what about doggies? It would be possible. But when there are children, a lot of household chores, time to bring the dog out on the street are sorely lacking, and the price of beautiful pedigreed dogs bites.

Fish – is, to this day, but some are silent. Boring

Vasya Chinchilla on the same day we were taken home. You can tell and tell about the uniqueness of this animal. He was irresistible! Vaska amused all our family day after day, and he was unstoppable.

Chinchilla in the ball for and against

I want to share with you his achievements. Immediately I warn you that these animals are still rodents, and gnawing a couple of the three wires from your favourite TV will be a good thing for him. According to this, before you let the animal out for a walk around the apartment, take care that everything that you can try for a tooth is safely hidden. Even for these purposes, you can purchase a particular transparent ball for walking of rodents.

Like Vasily walked around the room, and it was time to go into the cage, and we began to catch him. Imagine our surprise when Vaska got a bald spot on the spot where our hands were. It turns out that chinchillas frighten off wool.

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But … I want to warn you if there are children in the house, allergies to this very sand can appear, as it is tiny, almost like dust. The smell of these animals is minimal, which is very pleasing. And this is another of their small, but very weighty dignity.

What are his whiskers, their cleaning – this is a spectacle! He collects them with his paws in a bun at the base and leads him with hands to the tips with a quick, quick movement. He also loves when he is scratched with a soft brush, he turns around, his tummy to the top, and falls into a trance.

Separately, I want to talk about the sounds of Vasya. It is so funny. Causes a smile and affection. For example, when he goes to bed, he can not always be kept in a dream by the handrails and falls to the bottom with a bang. True, chinchillas are such light animals that they do not hurt at all. But he also screams so funnily! And when he is angry, this is a dump of the head – I want to annoy him more and more, he laughs so funny and snorts. It even becomes similar to the growl of a small predator.

Just want to warn you about the swimming of these funny little animals count! So, if you suddenly decide not to close the toilet lid accidentally – beware! Trauma will be for the whole family. Or you will have to master the basics of rescue science.

I would also like to say that this animal has a huge and warm heart, which loves its owner very much. It is rumored that if the chinchilla is separated from its owner, it may even die from a broken heart.

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And remember – you need to love and protect him, and then he will delight you for many years. On average, with proper supervision, these animals live for about 25 years. Well, that’s all! I wish each person to have such a small but very loyal friend!

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