Dwarf Rabbits. To Tame Or Not?

Even ordinary eared animals are kept as a pet, but rabbits are better suited for a city apartment. Whether you choose a dwarf friend, whose weight does not exceed 1.5 kg, or prefer a lop-eared baby weighing up to 2.5 kg, in any case, you will have to take into account more than one nuance.

Animal is not a toy!

When the younger generation dreams of a pet, rabbits will be a good option – they do not need to be walked like dogs, and they do not spoil furniture like cats. Nevertheless, the animal will not be suitable as a companion for a child of 3-4 years, because the fragile bones of eared fish will not withstand the strong effects. If the kid drops or squeezes the pet, he will get rid of the fractures at best, but most of the stories end sadly. But 10-year-olds are able to cope with care, so they can take care of a friend without parental supervision.

Do not forget to explain that domestic rabbits are not lifted by the ears. The owners on farms, demonstrating animals in front of cameras, breed them for meat and skins, not caring about health. With such treatment, the eardrums are torn, and the pet loses hearing. To lift the baby, hold his hind paws, grabbing his second hand under the front.

How to get along with other pets?

Cats are dangerous for tiny rabbits, but later relationships are getting better. Yet communication has to be followed, otherwise it can turn into a fight. Do not consider the rabbit defenseless, because in fright he scratches, bites and delivers strong blows with his hind legs. True, it does not help when there are ferrets or predatory reptiles in the house – in this case, it is contraindicated to start fluffy.

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How to make a menu?

Pets are fed with hay, which should not lie all over the cage, but be kept in the feeder. Add to it the feed, strictly keeping the dosage on the box, otherwise the weight gain will not take long.

Since the teeth of eared pets are constantly growing, they need to grind on fresh twigs. If we neglect this component of the diet, the teeth will increase by 3 mm per week and injure the soft tissues. The branches of the trees will become both a delicacy and toys, but stone trees (cherries, cherries) and oak will turn into poison. Offer your favorite shoots of apple or pear, and he will be pleased.

From 3 months enter juicy vegetables, being careful. Rabbit maintenance means taking care of a gentle digestive tract, so watch out for defecation and remove ingredients from the menu that interfere with the functioning of the intestines. Your baby will love beets, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, turnips, apples and pears. With cabbage, you should be careful and give it after the main meal, so as not to cause bloating.

So that you always have a treat for your pet, collect stocks for the winter. Alfalfa grass, nettles, young tree branches can be harvested in advance by selecting a site away from the road. Keep hay and greens in a cool place, watch out for lack of moisture, and the cost of buying food can be reduced.

What you need to know?

Although taking care of rabbits is easy, owners can make mistakes out of ignorance. Simple rules will help to correct the situation:

  1. Teach your baby to the toilet, and not pour the filler on the bottom of the entire cage.
  2. Pet’s ears can become hot or cold. This does not mean that you have cause for alarm.
  3. The cage should not stand in the sun, otherwise in the summer the animal will die from overheating.
  4. Keep a couple of rabbits at home is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Grown up males start fights, and it is impossible to stop conflicts even after castration.
  5. Try to reduce the frequency of swimming, so as not to expose the animal to stress.
  6. Many drugs for the treatment of dogs or cats are not suitable for eared pets. Make sure your local veterinarian is competent or consult a rodent specialist.
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Consider all the details, and the animal will delight you for ages!

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