House For A Rabbit: What Is It For? How To Equip It?

A house for a rabbit is needed for several reasons. The animals are nocturnal; they need a day or the first time to get used to a new place, to hide from prying eyes.

Rabbit House.

Also, the owner should take care of things in the apartment, as rodents can spoil everything that they like, so they are kept in separate places.

A berth for a rabbit, its arrangement is an important point: the pet must get used to strangers after it appears in the house, I realized that it is a helpful attitude to it, there is no threat from other domestic inhabitants.

Ordinary rabbits are very susceptible to various diseases: if one is ill, an entire brood can instantly die — the reason for this – poor-quality food or uncomfortable conditions of detention.

Animals with an exotic element, distinguished by their unusual appearance, beauty, fragility, are also fastidious individuals. Before you decide on the breeding or maintenance of these animals, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of care.

  • assess your capabilities
  • be ready to constantly provide comfortable conditions for a living being
  • to equip a dwelling with a feeder, watering device, bedding
  • create a diet with a varied diet
  • carry out veterinary examinations

Rabbit breeds are very sensitive to the relationship of the owner, he must provide:

  • Constant attention – the pet will have to educate, accustom to the boundaries that should not be crossed. Rabbits are amenable to training.
  • The animal should not independently walk around the household without supervision so that the wiring is not spoiled; household items are eaten. It is difficult to get it out of the cracks – it will easily get in there, but it will not come back, it scares watching the actions of the owner. If not all residents in the apartment are aware of the walks of the silent handsome, there is a risk to step on it.
  • The street is also dangerous for walking the animal that is not adapted to such walking. The dog and the cat will begin to hunt, which will lead to a disastrous result. To prevent the little rabbit from escaping in the yard, using a collar will allow him to control his movement across the lawn, and timely vaccination will save his health from various dangerous infections.

Rabbit training.

Besides, it should provide:

  • Acquisition of a special house – a cage with devices arranged inside is suitable. Dimensions also matter, the animal is not a toy, it tends to grow, develop, it has its own needs.
  • The internal climate affects the healthy state of the body. The cage should not be placed in places with drafts, being located near the battery in winter will create excessive stuffiness, and rabbits are sensitive to any difference in the temperature regime of the environment.
  • High-quality sanitary maintenance of all elements in and around the pet’s home, it is necessary to periodically clean, disinfect the house, change the litter in it. Do not forget that rodents can serve as carriers of intestinal parasites, bacteria, viruses.
  • It is necessary to wash the animal out of an urgent need if it is seriously stained.
  • Immediately, you must exclude sofas, armchairs, beds for staying – these are not cats, jumping from furniture elements, rabbits are injured.
  • It is better for children not to trust care without adult supervision so that when playing, squeezing, they do not harm the weak spine.
  • Sawdust is used as floor litter in the cage, chopped straw or paper will do. To avoid indiscriminate clogging from manure, a rabbit needs to be trained from the first days of existence to a permanent place for such needs, trays attached to the floor are placed there. Forgetfulness in changing the floor cover in the house will lead to unpleasant odors, with speed spreading throughout the apartment.
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How to cut the claws of the rabbit – its owner will have to learn and learn. This procedure is one of the integral components of proper care. Despite their miniature growth, pets lead a mobile lifestyle.

To claws do not interfere, they should be trimmed in time:

  • special scissors that use for cats
  • guillotines, they are used to care for thick horn formation

The procedure is performed with caution so as not to hurt the living part. Short pruning will cause damage, and places on these parts of the limbs begin to bleed. If there was a careless treatment, you should immediately sprinkle the wound with binder powder.

Before you think about the rules of care, you need to decide where to live the rabbit. The cage is chosen according to the size of the pet, so the little rocks are placed in dwellings of small size.

Rabbit content.

House rabbit

You should know that the type of animal has significant differences from ordinary rabbits. For example, they can not safely exist in the cells, the floor of which is covered with a grid, because of the delicate pads on the legs. The bottom of the houses is mounted without cuts from solid material. It is preferable to install a plastic bottom since the wood base tends to absorb liquids, odors from them cannot be eliminated, because the source regularly updates them.

Plastic is covered, regular change of bedding does not allow the stench to spread, creates a comfortable, safe environment. In their natural state, the crawl lives in a hole; therefore, by installing a separate house in a cage, they allow it to retire from prying eyes.

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Such a device serves:

  • playground for organizing games
  • a place to observe the world
  • shelter

For construction, they pick up a stable, strong material so that it does not bend when the rabbit wishes to lie on the roof.

Breeds are not related to rodents, but with lagomorphs, but they like to nibble, so they are kept in individual cages, they restrict free movement around the house.

To prevent adverse instincts:

  • should be properly fed
  • calculate the diet with the full intake of essential vitamins, minerals
  • keep salt in a separate trough

Animals prefer the branches of fruit trees. It is better to exclude human food from the menu, to serve specialized mixtures with fruits, high-quality cereals.

The house will also have to be treated with care, to make it, if by minimum size, then – 130 by 80 cm and 70 cm high. In this shelter, he will feel normal, not try to leave faster due to excessive crowding, and he will be able to climb in full growth.

The skeleton of the walls and the roof are made of wood since synthetic evaporations have a terrible effect on the body, the floor made of plastic will be covered with natural bedding. If the owner has fitted it with a fine mesh, it is still hidden under a hard surface. To avoid deformations after assembling the house, it is better to put your project on the drawing, designate the dimensions of the elements, then it will be easier to cut the details.

The roofing part for the convenience of cleaning activities is done mobile, and its removability will allow at any time to clean the pollution.

Material for general construction will suit any acceptable at hand:

  • nail set
  • self-tapping screws
  • door hinges
  • wooden slats
  • tools in the form of an ordinary hammer, saw, scissors for cutting metal

As soon as the pet gets to a convenient place for its existence, at first it treats people and objects with distrust for some time, but after becoming accustomed, it becomes sociable, enjoys using all the objects for its intended purpose, eats, drinks, plays.

If the whole construction of the house is divided into successive steps, the construction will present the following procedure:

  • production floor – cut out of the sheet or fasten the boards to form a rectangle of 120 by 70 cm
  • installation of walls from 4 parts 70 by 60 cm and 120 by 60 cm
  • marking window and doorways, they will cut
  • the walls are attached to each other and the floor
  • the door is first assembled from a cut-off rail, then it is covered with a net and installed in the opening with
  • canopies and crochet
  • proceed to roofing, the roof may have the appearance of a plane or be with ramps.
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A flat roof should not be fastened tightly, to give an opportunity to remove during cleaning. With ramps attach with a canopy, then one half will be free to climb.

Bunny Paradise the ultimate living space for your bunnies not a cage.

Before settling pets, their housing is subjected to careful treatment, various disinfectants, iodine, bromine, the chlorine will be useful. Make an aqueous solution with the addition of these funds, washed each section of the building. Dry in the sun or near an artificial heat source. After the final drying of the surface, it can be opened with a water-emulsion, stain, and iodine mixture. In the summer, the cage is kept on the balcony, in the winter they are brought into the room. In any case, the place should be with good access to fresh air and lack of drafts.

Upon completion of all construction procedures with the house, proceed to the arrangement of the cell:

  • litter floor
  • set the toilet tray
  • place a house
  • feeding troughs

You will need a set of toys:

  • cardboard tunnel
  • cotton ball
  • large rope

After the settlement requires daily cleaning, the accumulation of dirt will lead to diseases that not everyone can get rid of.

  • all surfaces are disinfected with solutions
  • feeders are carefully cleaned
  • water and tray filler are replaced
  • washed game devices

From artificial means for processing walls, any items, it is better to give up immediately. Crawlers very poorly tolerate substances that hardly disappear from surfaces. You need to wash the most simple solutions, and manganese, vinegar is always at every hostess.

The ideal sanitary condition in the cage and the house is one of the requirements for keeping rabbits. Regular medical examinations of the veterinarian will not allow the disease to pass from the resulting infectious focus. Care must be valid and rationale – for this purpose, livestock technicians have developed rules for the care of creatures.

Breeders should remember that even an extraordinary beauty is a specimen – first of all, a living being, and if it was tamed, it means it is responsible for decent housing, provision of high-quality feed, convenient cleaning, and, if necessary, treatment.

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