Each Rabbit Need Toys!

Keeping and domestic rabbits requires preparing toys for rabbits. This is done to protect their property from damage and to allow the animal to throw out energy. Such homemade items are easily created from scrap materials at home.

Rabbit need for toys.

The animals are often left alone. At such moments, they need some exercise to have fun and keep fit. If the little rabbit does not have the appropriate devices, he will use furniture, flowerpots, books, things, shoes, wallpaper. The consequences are disastrous.

Rabbit toys

Rabbit toys are necessary for such reasons:

  • strong instincts for survival in the wild, forcing the pet to seek shelter;
  • curiosity, which pushes to explore all around and check items on the tooth;
  • the need to regularly grind down teeth and claws;
  • laziness and a good appetite, which with minimal movement of the animal leads to obesity and health problems.

It’s easier for owners of furry pets to provide them with matching playing items sold in the store. It is much more economical and more convenient to make devices at home. To do this, you should decide on the purpose of the toy for little rabbits and choose natural materials.

Burrowing tools.

Rabbits live in burrows and are able to hide under the ground quickly. So they feel safe and at the same time train their muscles. For this reason, create analogs of holes.

There are several options for burrows with your own hands:

  • earth is poured into a large plastic tray out of flowers or sand;
  • a large number of plastic balls or wrapping paper is placed in the box;
  • A large portion of hay is placed at one end of the cardboard tube or covered with a piece of natural fabric.
  • a thick paper tunnel is completed with a box with several outlets in which old newspapers are put.
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The device is placed in the place where the animal often digs. If the material is loose, you will have to clean the room regularly.

Cardboard tubes and boxes gradually wear out, so they are gradually replaced with new ones.

Active Exercise Toys.

Rabbit toys allow pets to keep moving. To strengthen their muscles and help the animals to develop, they come up with active games. They should interest small and lazy individuals if they contain attractive delicacy.

If there are several boxes of cardboard of different sizes, organize a house with transitions, exits, and partitions. The animal will be pleased to run in its own maze, hide there, explore the walls. If you make of the same material a few steps, then the pet will be able to jump on them up and down. Animals love to climb to the highest floor of the house and watch everything that happens around.

For active exercise pets suitable devices such as:

  • hanging pieces of vegetables or fruit strung on a wire at such a height that the animal rises on its hind legs;
  • tumbler out of the toilet paper sleeve with closed edges and a small hole in the wall, where little feed pellets are poured;
  • cabbage sheets attached by clothespins to moving objects or the wall of the aviary.

Toys for grinding teeth and claws.

The incisors of animals grow throughout life. Claws also need careful care, especially at home. Therefore, toys for a rabbit should be such that it was convenient to nibble and tear. They are made from natural materials, solid, do not have sharp edges.

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The pet should not be allowed to gnaw the wires, glass, and products soaked with chemicals.

The following items are suitable for grinding:

  1. Old and unnecessary books. The cover soaked with glue is not given to the pet, it should not swallow paper.
  2. Soft blanket or natural fabric. Small cuts of fabric should not contain a long pile. Little rabbits will gladly dig in the blanket.
  3. Bars or branches of some trees, cones. The most favorite for breaking is an apple, pear, willow, maple, linden. Oak, stone garden, and conifers should be excluded. The branches are tied up in small bunches and rolled over the floor. They are also inserted from different sides into a cardboard sleeve from under paper towels.
  4. Old children’s toys from sturdy materials. If the pet damages the item, it is taken away and replaced with a new one. Small parts when ingested into the body provoke problems with breathing or digestion.
    Rabbit toys


Lop-eared rabbits will be interesting toys with a delicious filling. Such breeds are subject to laziness, which is fraught with obesity.

Making a rabbit toy with your own hands is easy:

  • need a sleeve from paper towels, which is cut into rings up to 2 cm wide;
  • from several such connected strips form a ball;
  • some hay and a piece of delicacy are stuffed inside the structure;
  • the thing will be interesting for riding, the animal will gnaw it and try to get the contents.

A useful fixture is a multi-layer cardboard mat. For its construction will need a box of any size. Its walls are cut, leaving the pallet up to 7 cm in height. From the remnants of the prepared strip width equal to the size of the walls of the main structure, the length must also be appropriate. They are installed in a vertical position in the pan, between them put dry grass, twigs, or thin pieces of treats.

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Such rug is convenient for rest, entertainment and physical activities. The cardboard inside it is changed as it is destroyed. Inside regularly put delicacies.


Making toys for decorative rabbits with your own hands is an interesting and easy task. To organize the pet’s leisure and choose the appropriate item, it is worth exploring the preferences of the animal. Homemade devices improve, change and combine with purchased ones.

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