DIY Running Wheel For Chinchillas: Options, Materials, Stages Of Work.

How to make your own running wheel for chinchilla. This is an active animal, so it needs to move a lot. To bring a little variety into the life of a rodent, its housing must be equipped with the above mentioned simulator. Further in article it will be described, from which materials and improvised means it is better to make this toy.

Primary requirements.

The main thing that the simulator was high quality and safe.

Therefore, before making a running wheel for a chinchilla, you need to study these requirements:

  1. The presence on the parts of the wheel chips, cracks and sharp edges.
  2. The toy should be light.
  3. Mount the wheel better on the cage.
  4. The material, if the accessory is made of wood, must first be cleaned of paint and varnish, and then sanded. Thus it turns out to eliminate chips and other defective places.

Properly designed running wheel has the following advantages:

  • low noise when used;
  • a light weight;
  • lack of vibrations;
  • availability of reliable fastenings and internal serifs.

Hard Drive Toy.

Before you develop your own wheel for a chinchilla from the above-mentioned object, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • wide and easy tin capacity;
  • upholstery material (for example, cotton cloth or cork mat);
  • electrical tape;
  • hot melt glue;
  • wire or nylon tie;
  • screwdriver;
  • scissors for cutting metal;
  • marker.

If there is no damaged or old hard drive, this part can be replaced by the engine from the drive.

Assembling the running wheel from the hard disk.

To make a toy, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the screws and remove the cover from the hard drive. The main thing is not to forget about the screw hidden under the label.
  2. Remove all screws holding the mirror plate.
  3. Remove the spindle – the engine that causes the mirror disks to rotate. This part is attached to the device with three screws, so first you need to unscrew them to disconnect it from the frame.
  4. Trim excess tin. To perform this stage, you need to draw a marker on the material of the circle of the desired diameter.
  5. Cut scissors capacity of tin on the planned lines. Do not forget about security measures: you need to wear protective gloves on your hands, because you can get hurt when doing this.
  6. Sand the sharp edges of the workpiece.
  7. Mark the center of the tank.
  8. Mark the location of the spindle, and then fix the item with hot melt. Check the alignment as follows: take the installed element of the future treadmill and spin the wheel. In this case there should not be unbalanced movement and jerks.
  9. Sheathe the inner walls of a tin container with a protective coating (for example, a cork mat).
  10. Secure the upholstery to the tape or glue. It is better to use the first consumable, since it is easier to remove it if you need to replace a damaged coating.
  11. Attach the toy to the cage with nylon ties or wire.
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Making a running wheel from a hard disk with your own hands is an easy task. The result is a silent ride that a chinchilla will love.

Running wheel for chinchillas do-it-yourself: options, materials, stages of work

How to make a wheel of plastic: step by step instructions.

The body of the toy can be made of plastic objects. In this case, you will need a round box for storing discs (50 pieces) and an expansion dowel with a straight hook. From the tools you need to prepare an awl, drill, sandpaper and jigsaw.

To make your own wheel for a chinchilla from these materials, you need to follow this technique:

  1. Measure on a plastic box a distance of 5 cm from the top.
  2. Draw a line along the container with a marker.
  3. Saw a jigsaw box along the marked line.
  4. Make a hole in the center of the tank. At this stage, useful drill, equipped with a drill diameter of 6 mm.
  5. Make an awl a small hole around the entire circumference of the box, the distance between which should be about 5 mm. The main condition – punctures should be done from the outside of the container.
  6. Smooth sandpaper roughness and eliminate irregularities.
  7. Insert the dowel into the center hole made earlier.
  8. Fasten the finished running structure to the cage wall with ties.
Running wheel for chinchillas do-it-yourself: options, materials, stages of work

Running wheel from the pan: manufacturing techniques.

This option is a simple and fast method, thanks to which you can make an attraction for a chinchilla yourself. In this case, you need an aluminum pan. The width of the planned wheel is 15-17 cm, so half of the height of the tank will have to be cut with a hacksaw. So that the animal does not hurt about sharp edges and barbs, they need to be sanded with emery paper.

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When the preparatory work is completed, a hole of 30–50 mm in diameter should be made in the middle of the aluminum circle (bottom of the pan). Then it is necessary to insert a bolt of a suitable size into it and attach the tensioner roller or bearing. It is advisable to insert a mesh wheel inside the received running wheel. The result is an excellent chinchilla simulator. In the photo, a self-made product looks quite presentable (picture below).

Running wheel for chinchillas do-it-yourself: options, materials, stages of work

Cardboard wheel: instructions for making.

To decorate a chinchilla house with this item, you first need to prepare:

  • corrugated cardboard of sufficient density;
  • thin sleeve;
  • scissors, stationery knife and ruler.

Before proceeding to the assembly of toys, it is necessary to prepare its details. First, it is necessary to cut out two identical circles from cardboard. On one of the pieces, it is necessary to cut wide holes through which the chinchilla will enter the running wheel. The next step is to make small rectangular slits with a knife along the entire circumference, retreating from the edges by 5 mm. Then you need to cut the base and the wall and then make the track. When creating the last part, remember: it is necessary to make special projections on each side, the size of which must coincide with the dimensions of the rectangular holes.

To assemble a wheel for a chinchilla from prepared cardboard pieces, you need to follow this plan:

  1. Fasten the path between the circles so that its protruding parts enter the holes of a rectangular shape.
  2. Make a slot in the wall and attach the base to the received part.
  3. Insert the metal sleeve into the hole.
  4. Put the wheel on the hub.
  5. Put on both sides of the jumper that will not allow the toy to jump off.

The advantages of this simulator are simple manufacturing and low price. Nevertheless, the chinchilla can gnaw the cardboard, so you need to monitor the condition of the product so that it does not break when used.

Making wheels from plywood and wood.

To create a simulator from these materials, you need to prepare:

  • 10 mm plywood sheet;
  • small planks, the length of which should be 15 cm, and width – 3 cm;
  • bearing;
  • screws;
  • 15 centimeter bolt;
  • drill;
  • jigsaw;
  • compasses and ruler.
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To make your own wheel for the chinchilla, you must perform the following simple steps:

  1. Cut a small hole with a jigsaw in the center of the plywood sheet.
  2. Measure with the compass from the resulting slot the desired diameter of the future wheel. This figure should be 32-34 cm.
  3. Cut with a jigsaw on the marked contour circle.
  4. Make a ring with a similar diameter. At this stage a compass and a ruler are useful.
  5. Drill holes in the plates with a diameter of not more than 1.5 mm. Thanks to such actions, the material will be protected from cracking.
  6. Fasten the plates with thin screws to the outer part of the circle and ring.
  7. Slide a steel washer onto the 15 cm hex bolt, the diameter of which should be greater than that of the fastener. It must be done so that it does not press into the plywood.
  8. Insert the bolt into the hole made in the first stage so that its head is inside the structure and the thread is on the outside of the wheel.
  9. Slide a similar washer and rubber bearing onto the outer part of the bolt. Thanks to the last detail, the wheel will slide smoothly, so that during movement there will be no friction against the cage wall.
  10. Fasten the bearing with screws to the bar, the purpose of which is to serve as a holder.

If the structure overturns, it means that it must be fixed to the cell wall with nylon ties.

Additional recommendations.

There are some helpful tips:

  • the attraction must always be in the cage;
  • if the treadmill starts to creak, it should be oiled;
  • It is necessary to wash the simulator at least twice a month.

Besides, it is desirable to put additional accessories in the cage for the chinchilla. It may be a treadmill, a walking ball, and various hanging toys.

Running wheel for chinchillas do-it-yourself: options, materials, stages of work


Summing up, you can say: to make your running wheel – a simple task. In this case, the main condition is to follow the instructions carefully. There are many options for how to make this simple chinchilla simulator. The article discussed in detail the popular methods that make it easy to make a wheel out of available tools and inexpensive materials.

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