Special Toys For Rabbits.

Rabbits are cute and friendly pets. Today, there are several dwarf breeds, specially bred for home maintenance. The size of the dwarf rabbit can vary from the size of a medium-sized domestic cat to a small guinea pig. Rabbits live with proper care for 6-9 years. Externally, dwarf rabbits are very diverse; they can be like a feather cloud or with a curly plush fur coat, with hanging or tiny ears, huge blue eyes, colored and monochromatic in color. The appearance of the rabbit will depend on its breed, but at the same time, it will always be insanely cute and charming eared little egg.

Home dwarf rabbits are quite easy to clean and do not require any special conditions of detention.

Rabbits are social animals, and communication is vital for them. Therefore, rabbits quickly get used to the owner and need constant attention. If you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him, then it is better to start a pair of rabbits at once, so that they can communicate with each other and not miss you in your absence. If you start two rabbits, then the best choice would be two girls. Females of rabbits are more livable with each other, unlike males, which, when growing, can start to fight.

The rabbit cage must be equipped with a high pallet because rabbits are very mobile, and the low-pallet cells will be a constant source of dirt in the apartment due to sawdust and dust flying from it.

Sawdust or special fillers for rodents are suitable as bedding for a rabbit. Also, the paper filler will be an excellent filler for a rabbit. Not every cat litter is ideal for rabbits, as they all try to taste a tooth, and in cat fillings, they often add fragrances and other chemicals to improve their absorbency. If you are going to use cat litter for a rabbit, then make sure that there is a mark on it – suitable for rodents. The thickness of the rabbit litter should be 3-6 cm.

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A spatula may be useful for cleaning the cage while changing the litter. Perfect for this cattle shovel.

The basis of the diet for rabbits is hay, so the cage should be equipped with a spacious hay place, which can be mounted both outside or inside the enclosure and provide the rabbit with constant access to the hay. You should not put hay on the bottom of the cage, as the grass gets dirty in this case, fungi and pathogenic bacteria start to grow in it, and such feed can be the cause of poisoning and death of the rabbit.

Rabbits also need clean drinking water. Therefore, the cage must be equipped with an individual nipple drinker with a volume of at least 200 ml.

Since rabbits are rodents, they need gnawing toys to grind their teeth. In this quality, perfect sprigs of fruit trees, such as apples. Rabbits gnaw on them with pleasure. If the rabbit is not provided with toys for gnawing, then it will use cage sticks for grinding his teeth. At the same time, he will reproduce a lot of noise, and it will be challenging to wean him from such a bad habit.

Rabbits are pretty clever. Often, in order not to eat the food offered to them or to attract attention, they turn over a bowl of food, so the best pottery for a rabbit is a massive ceramic or metal bowl that is securely attached to the bars of the cage.

Rabbits are very clean by nature. For the toilet, they choose a particular corner of the cage and do their own business just there. Therefore, for the convenience of cleaning in a cage in this place, you need to place a suitable tray size. In the tray, you need to fill the filler and put a little dirty filler. Rabbits quickly understand why they need a tray and begin to use it.

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In addition to the daily ration, rabbits can be fed vegetables and fruits, such as apples, carrots, boiled potatoes, corn cobs, Chinese cabbage, and pumpkin.

For the mineral dressing, rabbits can be hung on the bars of the cage unique stones. Young rabbits especially need them.

Special toys for rabbits

In the winter-spring period, rabbits need a vitamin supplement for this perfect liquid vitamin that can be added to the drinker.

As it gets dirty, change the litter of the rabbit in the cage. If your eared mouse is already accustomed to the toilet, then you can do it less often, changing the filler only in the toilet, in babies you need to remove litter more often, almost every day.

Once every two weeks, do wet cleaning in the cage, while removing all the filler, wash the cage and place fresh litter in it. For washing and disinfecting the cage, you can use baby detergents and special disinfectants for rodents and small domestic animals.

Long-haired rabbits need constant brushing. Rabbit hair is rather thin and quickly falls into mats. For combing his coat fit special combs with rounded teeth. Rabbit skin is thin and easily injured, so it is not recommended to use other combs. Do not allow the formation of tangles, as they give the rabbit unpleasant sensations and diaper rash and other skin diseases can form under them. If you can not spend much time caring for a rabbit fur coat, then choose short-haired breeds that do not need special care for their fur.

Carefully inspect the ears of the rabbit, especially in this need lop-eared rabbits. In the case of contamination, clean them with special lotions.

Since your little eared donut lives in a cage, he needs to regularly cut his claws, because he has nowhere to grind them. Use for this special scraper for small pets.

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Rabbits are mobile creatures, so once a day, let the rabbit walk around the apartment, but do not leave it unattended. Such walks are essential for the excellent physical condition of your baby. In the summer, you can walk your eared mouse on a special harness. When choosing a harness for walking, remember that rabbits have a very fragile skeleton and cannot be dragged sharply. To avoid possible injuries, choose harnesses in the form of a mesh T-shirt and elastic leashes, they are the safest for rabbits. And do not forget to make all the proper vaccinations before walking on the street to avoid infections and diseases. Also, do not forget to hold an annual immunization of rabbits, even in those cases when the rabbit lives at home and does not have access to the street. You can vaccinate a rabbit by contacting a veterinary clinic or the most specialized vaccine.

Each rabbit has its character and temperament. It may be playful, curious, or it may like hooligans. Some rabbits get along well with other pets, cats and small dogs, but you should not leave the rabbit unattended so as not to be injured, but it is straightforward to do since the rabbit has very delicate and thin skin. Observe for small children when they communicate with a rabbit, it has a fragile skeleton and is very easy to injure. Some rabbits are very playful and love to play catch-up with toys. Specialized toys for rabbits are great for this.

No matter what breed you chose the rabbit, it is essential that this is the best-eared donut that will fill your life with a mass of pleasant moments if you are ready to give him your attention, care, and love.

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