What Toys To Choose For Chinchillas?

First of all, toys should be safe!

First, these materials are harmful for chinchillas:

  1. plastic, rubber, plexiglass
  2. cardboard, paper
  3. paints, adhesives, sealants
  4. lime, cement

And, in turn, toys can be:

  • Solid wooden.

(carefully dried, not resinous, not painted, not varnished, from a suitable tree – not oak, not elder, not larch, etc., not plywood);
beech, willow, poplar, apple, cherry, birch sticks, and chocks; as free lying in the cell, and rigidly attached to the grid or frame of the cell; various wooden structures – swings, ladders, perches, houses, “labyrinths”. ;

  • Ceramic.

(not glazed, without sharp, needle, protrusions);
pottery – drainage pipes with a diameter of at least 6-7 cm, resistant thick-walled and heavy flower pots.

  • Stone.

(at the same time one should be firmly convinced that the stone does not contain inclusions harmful to chinchillas, for example, some types of pyrophyllite contain an unacceptably large amount of iron);
teeth grinding stones for chinchillas;
“locks” appropriate size, made by type aquarium.

  • From plant fiber.

(not dyed, not bleached, for example, thick ropes made of cotton or flax (not blended), carefully twisted, not loose);
hammocks, rope ladders, strung thick ropes (make sure that the edge of the rope is embedded, for example, in an aluminum capsule);
braids – bedding, bowls, baskets (just not from marsh grass).

  • Metal.

(galvanized or stainless steel, aluminum; sharp edges must be carefully protected);
a wheel for chinchillas (diameter not less than 30 cm, look for designs on the Internet. Unfortunately, we in Ukraine do not have the ones on sale at all);
“climbing frame” (a piece of mesh in a frame, placed vertically, at a distance of 5-7 cm from a solid vertical surface, with the possibility of entry from top to bottom and from the sides).

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Toys For Chinchillas.

Something like a conclusion…

The shell of a walnut (or forest) chinchilla, most likely, will not be interested, but a whole. May be interested! But a lot of nuts cannot be given to her! And any cardboard and paper are contraindicated. And what exactly can become a toy for a chinchilla, only the chinchilla itself knows! They are like little children, they can play with a stick or with food (!), And they will ignore the real, specially made toy.

As far as I can see, chinchillas (like children) fit everything for fun! But what exactly is interested in a particular animal is not known.

We also have a house made from a children’s wooden designer of Transcarpathian production (and nailed for the fortress with carnations!). The designer should be not painted, not varnished, not impregnated and from dry pine or alder. Not oak! Not from ate! And then poisoned. They play on it for a walk — especially a house like kids.

We made a swing, but they also did not like our chinchilla.

I’m going to sew them a hammock, but so far my hands have not reached.

Nests and houses made of hay are indeed perfect, but. Very much quickly end! They cost dearly, and there is enough of such a toy for a week.

However, toys are toys, but with chinchillas, you need to talk and play more!

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