What Toys Do Chinchillas Like?

Chinchillas are, by nature, very active animals. Owners of pets often install various toys for them in a cage. It is worth noting that chinchillas are fearful animals, so if you want to play with them, you will have to tame the animals to your hands first. Need to give some time to get used to the chinchilla to a new environment for her.

Do not independently get chinchilla out of the house. Open the cage and let the animal go out when it is ready. A rodent house is a place where they feel safe.

Chinchilla will gradually get used to you and will play with you. Before you release the animal in the apartment, you must pre-remove items that can be traumatic for your pet: remove valuable and sharp objects.

Do not practice walking chinchilla on the street. With a dramatic change in the situation, the animal may experience severe stress due to new smells, sounds, which will adversely affect the general health of the chinchilla. There is also a risk of catching a parasite or a disease.

Chinchillas: toys for pets.

Pets adore spinning and sound-producing toys, which the chinchilla’s owner should pay attention to. Consider the fact that each animal independently decides with which objects it will play, and with which it will not even touch.

If the owner does not take care of the presence of toys in the chinchilla’s cage, the pet will be bored. He will have no place to spend his energy, for this reason, destructive habits may appear, for example, tearing out his fur.

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DIY toys for chinchillas.

It’s not necessary to spend money on toys for your pets, as you can do them yourself. One of the most common options is a hanging toy. It can be made of various materials: fabric, wood, plastic, and so on. You can, for example, place a bell on a ribbon in a cage, install a thick rope, to which wooden objects will be tied to the bottom.

Another popular type of toy for a chinchilla is a spinning wheel. To make it yourself at home, you need special tools, and from you – experience and skill.

At the moment, the following types of rotating wheels can be distinguished:

  • plastic
  • wooden
  • metal

The most important thing is to choose a product according to the size of your home animal.

How to make a rotating wheel?

To perform this task it will be necessary to cut the metal. If you have a similar skill, then in this case you will be able to make such a toy as a rotating wheel for a chinchilla with your own hands.

You will need the following:

  1. One bolt and one nut;
  2. Sandpaper;
  3. Bulgarian;
  4. A pan of aluminum, having a diameter of about 40 centimeters.

The first thing you need to do is measure 15 centimeters from the bottom of the pan and then cut off the rest. It is not useful. Edges will need to be processed using sandpaper. It is important to carry out this procedure qualitatively so that your pet will not get hurt.

In the center of the bottom, you will need to drill one hole further. Next, you need to place the wheel in the cage of your pet, on the one hand, insert the bolt so that it passes through the rods, and the wheel can rotate. It is not necessary to tighten the nut to the end – otherwise, the wheel will not spin.

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Other homemade toys.

In addition to the wheel itself can be placed in the cage shelves for chinchillas. Your pet will jump from one platform to another. It is important to choose the most optimal location of the shelves so that the animal can safely jump on them and not get hurt. The best material would be wood. Also, a rodent can grind his teeth about him.

Another option that chinchillas also love tunnels. They can be made of plastic, wood, dense fabric. In it, the animals can hide, run after each other. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the animal can gnaw the edges, so they are often made of metal. It is essential to make a tunnel of such size that the chinchilla does not get stuck in it, but, on the contrary, can move freely.

Now you know how to play with a chinchilla and what kind of hand-made toys you can make for this pet.

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