Toys For Domestic Rabbits: How To Choose? How To Make Yourself?

Types of toys than can be dangerous, which is better to choose?

Toys for rabbits can be homemade and purchased, and under the concept of “toy for the rabbit” is often hidden what a person does not even perceive as a toy. For example, a system of mink and tunnels.

Arrange a rabbit such a developed hole. You can safely leave the animal alone. There will be no time to miss him.

Material for the manufacture of toys is limited, although, at first glance, it is not.

Toys are made from:

  • papers;
  • rags;
  • wood;
  • vegetable fiber;
  • plastic;
  • rubber;
  • gland. Not. The last type of material is not a slip of the pen. Some rabbits love ringing toys and they can be offered a metal bell.

Tip # 1. In order to be safe, it is better to make a ribbon for a bell from natural materials: sedge stems, dried stems of old nettle, rogoza leaves.

Types of toys adapted from cats specifically for rabbits.

Many toys were “inherited” by rabbits from cats because cats also like tunnels, boxes and something to roll on the floor. The only amendment: cats do not eat toys. Therefore, for cats, toys are made from inedible materials, and in the manufacture of toys for rabbits take into account the need for animals to bite objects.

Toys are divided into:

  • those that can nibble;
  • those that roll on the floor and throw;
  • developing intelligence.

Almost perfect toy for a rabbit, which will take him for a long time, at the same time providing the right type of food (a little, but constantly).

Toys for the development of intelligence. If you have skills, you can do it yourself first. The second takes the rabbit for a while. It quickly learns to gnaw through the toilet tub in the middle. The third will have to buy.

Free homemade toys with their own hands.

If you have skills in sawing plywood and clogging, building a rabbit camp, as in the first photo, presents no problems. But plywood and PVC pipes cost money, and cardboard boxes and tubs from toilet paper are free. Make acquaintances in a store selling carpets and pick up tubes from there, which are used to wind up carpets before transportation. Do not shy away from the dumps. There throw interesting objects.

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Outlines of some bunny toys.

First option:

Stages of manufacturing hanging rolls with hay from tubs from toilet paper.

Step-by-step scheme:

  • Pencil pierced a hole in the wall of the tube;
  • Strings are threaded through a hole and knotted so that the tube can be hung;
  • Stuff the tub with hay;
  • Repeat steps 1–3 as many times as desired;
  • They bind all the tubes in one bunch and hang them in a convenient place for the rabbit.

Option Two:

The roll with the granules hidden inside will interest the rabbit for a long time, until it guesses to gnaw the cardboard.

For the manufacture of such a roll will require five tubes of toilet paper. Scheme:

  • Crumple, as in the photo one tube and stick it in the base;
  • Repeat the procedure two more times so that the main tube is packed with folded cardboard;
  • Insert the granules into the folds of the cardboard;
  • Give the rabbit.

Option three:

A ball made from a toilet paper tube is a good substitute for a purchased grass ball.

Making such a ball is not a complicated procedure, but requires some thoroughness and hard work:

  • Tubes are cut into rings;
  • Take a handful of hay and roll it into a ball as far as it will turn out;
  • On the hay ball put on a cardboard ring from the tube;
  • Procedure number 3 is repeated until you get a ball of cardboard rings with hay inside.

Option four:

In the manufacture of the fourth version of the scheme is not needed. It is easiest to make such a toy. It is enough to pierce the tubes with chopsticks through.

Plus the toys are that edible sticks stuck in a tube will not be pumped under the wall, where the rabbit will lose interest in them.

Rabbit training and how to implement it.

The main disadvantage of all the toys is that the rabbit is having fun on its own, and the owners want the animal to be oriented towards them. In this case, you will have to make an effort and entertain the rabbit yourself. Training sessions kill two birds with one stone: the rabbit is busy, and he has no time to play pranks; the rabbit is getting used to focus on the requirements of the person. See also the article: → “Recommendations for choosing and buying rabbits: what to look for”.

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Do not force the animal to perform tricks.

Only an interested animal is happy to do what the owner requires. Just like a cat, a rabbit can refuse to perform the trick at any time. For successful training note the preferences of the rabbit and use them in tricks. In the training of the rabbit using the method of positive and negative reinforcements. It does not mean punishment, but it is easier to explain with examples.

Teaching the Circle Team.

We catch the moment when the rabbit turns around itself, or we provoke it to turn with the help of a piece, repeating “circles”. As the rabbit turns around, he is given a piece. Gradually we increase the requirements for clarity and the number of turns, giving out a piece not for any action, but better quality. There is a positive reinforcement factor.

“Punishment” for aggression.

Rabbit aggressively demands his piece. Instead of a piece, the animal receives a complete disregard for its person by the owner. The owner completely stops the occupation with the rabbit and goes about his business. As a result, the rabbit gets boredom and missed delicacy. It is a negative reinforcement of undesirable behavior. Yes, the phrase “negative reinforcement of undesirable behavior” sounds unusual, but such an action is not a punishment as such.

Questions that arise when communicating with decorative rabbits.

Question number 1. How to play with rabbits in a hole?

They are hardly interested in artificial games. In the pits of rabbits bred for industrial use and there are several dozen heads. Any social being is much more interesting with its kind than with a person. The rabbit pays attention to the person when he lives alone and is bored. In this case, the rabbit becomes tame, likes to be close to the owner, and play with him. It is necessary to appear the second animal, and the owner becomes a machine for issuing food. And even in a big company, even a tame rabbit runs wild. So in the pit, rabbits will find something to occupy without the help of a person.

Question number 2. I tried to play with my pet rabbit, but he did not react to me, and indeed, he barely moved. How to play it?

With the help of a vet. A healthy animal of any kind is playful even in old age. Now, if the beast is in pain, then he tries to move as little as possible. Perhaps your rabbit had problems with the intestines, or he jerked unsuccessfully and hurt himself. Perhaps he has some infectious disease. The passivity of the animal is the first sign of problems that have appeared.

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Question number 3. I have an aggressive rabbit, how to play with it?

Aggression in a rabbit is manifested for various reasons:

  • increased sexuality. Castration helps;
  • scare The rabbit is afraid and attacks preemptively. Do not grab him violently, give him time to get comfortable and look around;
  • protection of the territory. Rabbits are territorial and, when they try to pull them out of the shelter, they can defend themselves. Do not pull out the animal by force, allow the rabbit to go out voluntarily;
  • an attempt to push your opinion. This behavior is suppressed. If the rabbit bites, because it does not suit him, that you distract him from chewing the wires, you will have to hold an “educational conversation”. No need to beat. Press the rabbit’s head to the floor and hold it in that position for a while, showing who is the master in your hole and dissatisfaction with the behavior of the animal;
  • hyperactivity. Sometimes it occurs among castrated rabbits, as well as among rabbits who have had negative experiences when dealing with people. In this case, only protective clothing.

Question number 4. How to choose a toy for a rabbit in the store?

First of all, be guided by the consequences of eating the parts of this toy. For a rabbit, you need to choose toys made from natural materials without the use of chemicals. Lacquered wood is not suitable for a rabbit. Choose plastic or rubber toys in such a way that the rabbit cannot bite off a piece of them. If you doubt the safety of toys, take another.

Question number 5. How to play with rabbits in a cage?

No There is no place for games in the cage. For starters, the rabbit must get out of the cage.

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