Toys For Rabbits. The Story Of My Rabbit.

If you have a pet – a rabbit, it is a mistake to think that easy feeding and cleaning in his home, as well as short games in your free time – this, is the minimum that you must give him.

Leaving for work, or just leaving the house for a long time, you probably do not know that your pet is bored.

If the rabbit is not in a cage and he is given free walking, he will be happy to find entertainment in the master’s apartment, harming everything that comes his way/

Toys For Rabbits. The Story Of My Rabbit.


My rabbit, he loved to gnaw the wires, and generally tried to leave a mark wherever he went.

By the 2nd year, he realized that it was not good, and there were no problems with him at all, went to the toilet in the tray, in my absence played in the toys left to him, and always happily met me after work.

So that the rabbit would not miss in your absence, does not require special material costs. It is enough to give free rein to your imagination.

Toys for a rodent must first be gnawing, only then will the animal have an interest, safety comes second.

In general, in my experience, I can say that everything that can be chewed to shreds and not only will suit a rabbit; everything that you can climb and hide, as well as objects that you can roll, move your face and legs, well, for example, a ball.

My Borka loved tennis balls, ran after him, then rolled me, on the way trying to deal with him.

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So, consider the options that are suitable as toys for our rabbit:

  • Various large non-varnished baskets for mushrooms, berries. Consider that giving a given item as a toy, there is a possibility that only half of it will remain. Rabbit gladly sharpen her teeth about this thing.
  • If the basket is not at hand, you can use the box size to pet. You can connect a couple of boxes with moves, putting hay in them, or tear the paper, the rabbit will be buried there with pleasure, and it will also be interested in exploring this design.
  • The branches of various trees, especially fruit trees, will also be suitable as toys. The only warning, never tear branches near the roads, they are polluted, for an animal, it is not safe.
  • If you fantasize, then as the tunnels for games, you can use various plastic pipes of suitable diameter. Any man will be able to construct something out of the existing pipe for the pet.
  • The paper is suitable for filling the cage, the rabbit can gnaw at it and dig in with interest, tumbling in it, enjoying it. Do not forget that the newspapers contain lead, so in this case, we are no good for newspapers.
  • Children’s toys that are not a pity to give to the “tearing apart” the rodent.

My rabbit has lived with me for 12 years, he has always been given a special place in our family, he was very friendly with our German Shepherd Dog, raised her with a puppyhood, was the leader in their small pack.

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I wish you that your pet will also delight you with your presence in your family.

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