How To Choose A Rabbit?

Very often confused concepts and a dwarf rabbit. So – this is any rabbit, even the “white giant”, which you keep at home in a cage, and not in a shed for fattening.

Valuable friend, or how to choose a rabbit

The pygmy rabbit is a specially bred breed. It’s selection and breeding in the second half of the XIX century took the British. Already in the mid-80s of the XIX century, dwarf rabbits were presented at the exhibition, and at the end of the 90s were exported to throughout Europe. In 1918, rabbits with blue rather than red eyes and short ears were bred in Germany, and in the 1920s the popularity of dwarf “Fuzzies” reached its peak. Around this time, Norway began breeding colored dwarf rabbits, and shortly before the outbreak of World War II, the breeds obtained were standardized and certified. In the USA, colored rabbits are still called “Norwegian”, and they are loved for their fluffy and soft fur.

There are two main categories of dwarf rabbits – with erect ears (Angora lions, dwarf foxes, Teddy) and with hanging ears (rabbits “rams”). Even though rabbits are known for their meek temper, they remain wild animals. Therefore, before you buy, you should get acquainted with the most popular breeds and features of their character, so that you do not regret your choice.

  • Hermelin is the first officially recognized and most common breed, with which work on the selection of dwarf rabbits began. This breed was bred solely to get white fur similar to ermine fur. Today there are two subspecies of this breed – in some rabbits, the eyes are blue, in others – red. Rabbit hair of this breed is dense and thick because they do not tolerate heat. As for nature, this breed is not recommended for beginner breeders. Males, though not aggressive, do not like being disturbed by them, females are nervous, but it depends more on what conditions the rabbit is in.
  • Color dwarf, or short-haired dwarf rabbit. Known, first of all, for its variety (over 60) colors, as well as a small but strong body, neat ears, and lively eyes. The dwarf behaves quite aggressively during puberty – he may start to bite the owner or beat him with his paw. It usually goes by one and a half years, however, by castrating a crawl, you can reduce its aggressiveness earlier.
  • The Lion’s head rabbit resembles a lion, thanks to its ears and a wool-lined collar, which is thicker and more magnificent than the rest of the veil. However, there are specimens with long hair on the sides. The rabbit itself also looks like a lion – a small but stocky, strong legs and a round head, calm nature. But most importantly – bright, lively eyes, with a beautiful stroke.
Valuable friend, or how to choose a rabbit
  • Dwarf rabbits “Rex” different phlegmatic character, not too active. These are amusing little animals, with shiny short hair, similar to plush toys, with large round eyes. The main feature of this breed is an underdeveloped mustache, a slightly pointed muzzle, slightly elongated protruding ears and strong, slightly shortish legs.
Valuable friend, or how to choose a rabbit
  • The lop rabbit “Baran” today is probably the most popular breed of dwarf rabbits. “Rams” are larger than their counterparts. Despite their nickname, these rabbits are distinguished by their friendliness, calm, non-aggressive character. Show no hostility, willingly go on hands and allow themselves to be ironed. Be sure to check the documents on the animal when you buy, since from birth they have ears standing, and sag only a few weeks later.
  • Angora dwarf (dwarf angora) is known for its luxurious fur coat – wool length from 6-8 cm to 20cm, which requires constant care, especially during molting. Initially, these rabbits were bred solely for the sake of white wool. Today, the color palette has become much more diverse. This breed of dwarf rabbits has a calm and balanced character, like all other rabbits, prefer an active lifestyle.
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