What Do Rabbits Love?

How to tame a rabbit. What do rabbits love, and what does not like? How to tame a rabbit, so as not to frighten him. How to take a rabbit and iron.

  1. First acquaintance: quietly approach the cage and speak to the rabbit in a quiet and calm voice, often repeating his name. As soon as he stops huddling in the corner or hiding in the house and comes out to the bars of the cage, you can consider the first step as passed!
  2. Getting to know the smell: stretch your palm to the rabbit and give it a good sniff so that it can remember your smell. Do not worry – soon, he will recognize him. In no case should your hands smell like perfume, fragrant soap or cream!
  3. Offer the rabbit some yummy: dandelion or carrot leaves (note that for a rabbit that is not three months old, such delicacies are not suitable. You can offer dried grass, dried banana, zest). Treats for starters should be pulled through the bars of the cage. Wait until the rabbit takes the treat itself. He must understand that your hands offer only something excellent and tasty.
  4. Open the cage door and stretch the gift to the rabbit, thereby luring him out of the house. A piece of carpet does not hurt – create a comfortable rabbit on the floor.
    So, you have taken some essential steps towards your rabbit. Do it every day. Gradually, you can begin to caress the animal, gently stroking his head (the rabbits love it). Never force it to do anything. Otherwise, all your previous efforts will be lost.
    You probably want to carry your pet in your arms. What seems simple at first glance may be a problem. Most of them grab a rabbit in an armful and drag a desperately resisting animal somewhere, regardless of its attempts to free itself. Of course, the poor rabbit thinks that his last hour has come, and he begins to fight for his life, using his claws and teeth. In the end, both the owner and the rabbit suffer.
    Another common misconception says: the ears must take the rabbit. CAUTION! The diaphragm separating the rabbit’s abdomen and peritoneum during lifting of the animal behind the ears cannot withstand the pressure of the internal organs and, as a result, breathing is disturbed. In this case, the rabbit will be very painful, and besides, you can easily damage the ears themselves! Hunters, who regard rabbits as just a hunting trophy, took them like that, but if you do not want to inflict a severe injury to your pet, do not do it in any case!
    In any case, taking your rabbit wrong, you risk his health.
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Rabbits love to be petted if they do it the way they like it.

  1. Your hands should not smell like perfume or scented soap.
  2. You need to iron a rabbit when he is in a good mood and is not busy with something important for him (for example, you do not need to iron if the rabbit eats or washes, or, in general, sleep).
  3. Iron the rabbit in the position in which it is of its choice (lying on the floor, on the sofa, etc.). Do not take him in your arms against his will – rabbits are not cats; they may not like them.
  4. Lightly stroke the rabbit behind the ears and neck near the ears.
  5. Finger lightly stroke the face of the rabbit from nose to forehead
  6. You can easily stroke the rabbit on the back, starting from the head to the very heels, with both hands at the same time.
  7. If the rabbit does not mind, you can try to teach him to be in your hands and stroke him in that position.
  8. Iron the rabbit when the house is quiet, you can not hear the harsh sounds and loud music
  9. Stroke the rabbit calmly, without being distracted, and whisper with it.
  10. You can make him a light, tangential massage all over his body, lightly massaging with the very tips of his fingers.

You can combine daily combing and stroke (combining the pleasant with the useful, since the rabbit needs wool removal so that it has no problems with digestion due to the wool in the stomach). It is possible to remove excess yarn with special combing or with slightly wet hands, stroking the rabbit by the fur.
What the rabbit will not tolerate

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Your relationship with the rabbit can deteriorate if you:

  • you will persistently force him to caress
  • You will chase him around the house, trying to stroke or caress
  • You will always carry it on your hands, causing pain or discomfort.
  • you will roughly iron it against wool
  • you will scratch the chin and other hypersensitive areas on the body of the rabbit
  • Will stroke or pull his sensitive mustache
  • you will poke his finger in a side or a muzzle
  • you will tickle heels or legs
  • you will roughly touch the fingers of the paws and bend the claws of the rabbit

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