What Tree Branches Can Be Given To Chinchilla?

The diet of rodents should be varied, so you need to add greens and young shoots. However, before filling the feeder, you should understand which branches can be given to the chinchilla. Not every tree or shrub will have a beneficial effect on the pet.

Raw Material Procurement Rules.

The need to introduce various shoots and twigs into the diet of rodents is due to several factors:

  • saturate the body of a pet with vitamins and minerals;
  • improvement of the dental system;
  • positive effect on behavioral factors – chinchillas use branches as toys.

Features of harvesting green fodder at home:

  • collecting branches is possible only in ecologically clean areas, far from the roads, densely populated areas, industrial enterprises;
  • the best time to harvest wood and foliage is the growing season;
  • make sure that there are no moldy parts, lichens, traces of pests and fungus;
  • at home, each rod must be sequentially washed with hot and cold water and dried;
  • store in a place with a minimum moisture content;
  • the bark on the rods should be left – it contains the maximum concentration of useful substances.

What branches can give chinchilla?

Shrubs and trees can not offer chinchilla constantly.

Depending on which branches and twigs are abundant, the diet should be planned as follows:

  • Hawthorn – before feeding, you should remove the leaves and thorns, give 1-2 branches per week;
  • Kalina – 2 pieces every 7 days;
  • Gooseberry – 3 branches per week, previously cleared of thorns;
  • Raspberry – it is also necessary to clean off everything that can damage an animal, 1 twig once every 2 weeks;
  • Sea buckthorn – remove the leaves, give a branch 1-2 times a week;
  • Rowan – the method is similar to sea buckthorn;
  • Currant – relies distribute 3 pieces on a weekly diet;
  • Mulberry – you can pamper your pet once a week with 1 thing;
  • Alder – is effective in diarrhea, if you feed the animal 1 twigs every 7 days;
  • Birch – a regimen similar to alder;
  • Verba – it is not recommended to exceed the dose of 1 twig for 2 weeks;
  • Elm – to escape every 3 days;
  • Pear – it is allowed to give 2 branches up to 3 times a week;
  • Willow – can be given with the same frequency as the pear;
  • Linden – you can always keep in a cage;
  • Hazel – twig twice a week;
  • Aspen – 1 rod 2-3 times a week.
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Need to know which branches and in what form chinchilla give

What tree branches can be given to chinchilla

Harmful branches for chinchillas.

Veterinarians and zoologists secrete many plant species that can be given to rodents for better health. However, there are varieties that chinchillas absolutely cannot.

Among them:

  • all species of conifers;
  • citrus trees;
  • apricot, plum, cherry;
  • any wood species with resinous wood;
  • lilac, buckthorn;
  • bird cherry, elderberry, maple.

Knowing exactly what chinchillas eat, you can independently prepare for them a diverse green menu and often the joy of a pet with a new delicacy that will bring only benefit.

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