What Tree Branches Can Be Given To Rabbits In Summer And Winter?

The branches of the trees act as additional food, the main function of which is the regulation of digestion. What branches of trees can be given to rabbits without fear for their life and health? This question causes a lot of controversy in various forums. The branches are used most often as feed in the rabbit breeding, and its benefits are obvious. In the end, everyone wins eared pets and farmers. Some of the secrets of using this method for feeding rabbits, the benefits and harms will be discussed in this article.

Economic benefits and not only when using tree branches.

Trace elements and vitamins contained in the branches of trees, support the pet’s organism at the proper level. The branches of aspen and willow are a natural antiseptic that does not only disinfect the body from bacteria but is also a preventive measure against diseases that threaten rabbits.

The incisors of domestic rodents cause them some discomfort. Because of the need to undermine them from time to time, rabbits begin to gnaw on all wooden. Then everything goes in succession from the cell in the household to the luxurious furniture in the apartment. The very nature laid the use of branches of these funny animals. There is a regulation of digestion, an improvement in mood, and the general tone is observed.

Experienced breeders make full use of this feature to reduce the cost of maintenance. This kind of solid food solves two problems at once: saving on feed (grain) and utilization of branches on the plot after pruning shrubs and trees. Answering the question, which branches of trees can be given to rabbits, it is necessary to conditionally answer the answer into three categories: safe, recommended, but in limited quantity and dangerous. Talk about all these three categories will go below.

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Safe plants for rabbits.

Rabbits are relatively unpretentious animals and willingly eat branches of practically any species of trees and shrubs. Branches of gooseberry, currant, blueberry, hawthorn, and raspberry are the main delicacy. Its eared can absorb almost in large quantities, but only without berries. Winter and early spring – a relatively difficult period. The body of animals is in dire need of replenishing vitamins and microelements, which are so necessary for growth and development.

What tree branches can be given to rabbits in winter? At this time, apple, maple, acacia are excellent for feeding. They are found everywhere, so there should be no problems with searches and procurement. To the list, you can add ash and twigs of hazel. They can be fed to pets, almost without restriction. But the variety and the right selection with a thoughtful combination of feed – a guarantee of proper balanced nutrition, necessary at any time of the year.

Useful properties and the correct dosage of some plants when feeding.

On the one hand, summer is a great time. There are no problems with feeding, and a wide selection of different plants presents many options for ensuring an optimal fluffy diet. But this is only at first glance. The risks of various diseases increase: from diarrhea to worms. In this regard, it is necessary to highlight such a moment: what branches of trees can be given to rabbits in the summer? In this case, it all depends on the situation. Next will be a small list of plants recommended for use in the treatment and prevention in a dosed quantity.

Here come the branches of mountain ash, chestnut, mulberry. Carefully use birch, which has a tremendous diuretic effect. It is used infrequently, in small proportions, to cure kidney disease. If you do not follow these rules, then rabbits may likely die from dehydration. An abundance of feed can lead to indigestion. As a preventive measure are the branches of oak, alder, and maple. After drinking for several days, they are recommended to be mixed with other breeds. Walnut – destroys parasites. Coniferous twigs are also useful in the economy. The needles itself is a great antiseptic and, besides, it is rich in volatile production and essential oils.

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What plants should be feared?

Under this category falls lilac, wolf’s bast. These plants are so toxic that they will be fatal. To the list are added elderberry and wild rosemary. All of the above is a deadly poison.

What kind of tree branches can be given to rabbits? Opinions are divided over stone trees. The bones are poisonous due to the presence of hydrocyanic acid. Although in general, it is possible to include cherries, cherries, peaches in the diet, but with the proviso that they should be consumed, pets should be in small doses. There is one more thing when feeding rabbits with food: the correct dosage is required. If the pets are kept in a cage with a large friendly band, there is always a chance that there will be a runaway who can eat a treat for the three of them. Therefore this should be taken into account when distributing.

A few words about dwarf rabbits.

Such beautiful creatures become full members of the family. What tree branches can be given to rabbits? They are suitable for the same complementary foods as ordinary breeds. Branches are an excellent tool for grinding rabbit teeth. By giving them to your pets, you protect the furniture in your home. The only thing in which opinions are divided, so it is from what period they need to be accustomed to this type of food. It is recommended from about six months, but sometimes there are cases that already from 4 months they begin to nibble hard on the branches. To decide such a question, which branches of trees can be given to rabbits is the business of every owner, but it is advisable not to risk it once again.

What tree branches can be given to rabbits in summer and winter?

Some moments about harvesting branches for the winter.

Harvesting occurs in the summer. It is the end of June and around 10 -12 of July. It is desirable to gather small branches – large ones can remain. Before drying, such bunches or brooms are preferably compacted. Any sheet of plywood or board that is put on top with a load on such beams will fit. The condensed brooms will not take a lot of place at storage. Store in a dark and well-ventilated area. A week before the planned feeding, brooms are brought out into the street and allowed to gather some moisture on the street. It is to make the leaf on the branches softer and more appetizing for domestic rodents.

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Taking into account the facts, recommendations, and warnings described in the article, it is possible to unambiguously decide the question of which branches of trees can be given to rabbits. Photos of pets eating juicy feed presented above. For rabbits to be healthy, you need to carefully monitor the purity of the cells and what the animals eat. Their diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

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