Can I Saw Wood with a Hand Hacksaw

Any tool. plumbing or surgical, manual or machine. is made for specific purposes. To work confidently with a tool, you need to know what it is intended for.

Tools are for different purposes: cutting, pressing, measuring, etc.

Especially among cutting tools.

To cut, you need to move. either a tool or a workpiece relative to the tool. The choice of movements is small: rotational (at the drill or knife in the grinder), reciprocating (at the planer, knife when planing) or rocking (at the ax, hammer or knife when chopping).

Any tool has a certain service life. The performance of the tool before restoration (for example, regrinding of a saw or drill) in minutes or hours of operation is usually called the tool life. They seek to improve it: invent new tool materials, use cutting fluids for cutting, and improve tool designs.

The tool really does not like a careless attitude to itself, especially for improper use, when they hit the drill with a hammer, they try to draw with a ruler, when the paint brush dries in the air or clog nails with a wrench.

People making tools are called toolmakers. They were always appreciated and considered highly qualified specialists.

For the processing of thin materials, tin, roofing, for the manufacture of outdoor advertising, convenient and ergonomic tools are needed.

In ergonomics. the science of economical and convenient work of a person. there is a whole section called chirotechnics. He studies everything related to a person’s hand: what a fountain pen and an electric razor case should be, buttons and switches of devices, and, of course, hand tools. Particular attention is paid to those of them that have to be held in hand for a long time, and even performing not very convenient operations.

Everyone knows: in order to cut off correctly, it is necessary to accurately measure. To do this, you need a scriber. simple and not very simple, that is, combined with a meter. And if you need to draw lines from a flat edge, say, at a distance of 3.5 mm or more, it is better to use a set of scriber. a comb.

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Together with the entire objective world, hand tools also evolve: the design changes, new materials are used, ergonomics and chirotechnics are involved.

A tool was also needed in space, on board the spacecraft and beyond. With the disappearance of Earth’s gravity, astronauts have a wider choice of working positions than on Earth: for example, it is possible to move objects of large mass in any direction, at the same time it is difficult to use such a familiar “mechanism” as the mass of one’s own body. Therefore, on board the spacecraft and beyond it needs tools that would replace the effect of gravity, in addition, mobile fixation of objects is necessary. This is one of the essential features of a "space" instrument.

The central direction of the development of the hand tool remains the desire to increase the level of its organization.

It is interesting

Scientists predict the modernization of the instrument: the transformation of individual instruments into a single universal “instrumental organism”. Depending on the nature of the operation, the tool can turn into nippers, side cutters, scissors, pliers, etc. Elements of the tool kit are equipped with a universal locking device that makes it possible to quickly connect them.

Can I Saw Wood with a Hand Hacksaw

Practical work No. 22

Tools and materials: a set of tools, a set of files, a penknife multifunctional knife.

  1. The so-called penknives are known in which there are many different tools. Consider such knives, determine what tools they have and what their purpose is.
  2. Take a few different files. See how they differ.
  3. Consider saws for sawing wood. They are different. What do you know about the use of a particular saw?
  4. It is necessary to wrap a few bolts located at a distance of 20 mm from each other. Suggest a bolt head shape so that it can be easily done. Select a tool with which to tighten the bolts.

New words and concepts

Tool life; cutting, pressing and measuring tools; scriber; ergonomics, chirotechnics; comb, toolmaker.

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