Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Gear Oil

After buying a chainsaw, of course, questions arise about the operation of the tool. Proper maintenance of garden equipment allows you to increase the duration of its work without breakdowns. The main factors for the performance of the chainsaw are the use of suitable fuel and lubricant. over, the biggest difficulties for owners of chainsaws are oil for saws. We will tell you how to choose oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines, as it is used in garden equipment.

Feature of two-stroke engine oils

Any chainsaw has a two-stroke carburetor engine and is equipped with two tanks. one for gasoline, the other for oil. The difference that the oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines has is the need to constantly add oil for saws directly to gasoline. This is important because otherwise the tool may simply break.

To determine which chainsaw oil to use, you need to know the following. For domestic models, ordinary motorcycle oils are required, which are added to the fuel mixture in a proportion of 1/25. Chainsaws of foreign manufacturers are more demanding on the quality of the lubricant, so it is better for them to use branded oils with a content of 1/40 in the mixture. In principle, which tool oil to use is up to the tool owner to decide. It is allowed to use domestic oils in foreign devices, however, such actions are fraught with a decrease in the tool’s service life.

We select oil for the saw

Questions about which oil to use for the chain saw do not have a clear answer. Experienced owners use motor oil for the chain saw, and in its absence. gear. Expert advice in this area boils down to the fact that the saw apparatus can be lubricated with ordinary “Lada” oil, but there are also special recommendations, for example, husqvarna chainsaw oil should be motor oil and stihl chainsaw oil should be gear oil.

Learning to distinguish oil by color

Oils for push-pull chainsaws are painted in blue, red or green. When choosing oil, you need to keep in mind that in most cases, the manufacturer of the saw indicates the correct qualitative and quantitative composition of the oil and fuel mixture. So, choosing husqvarna chainsaw oil is not difficult either because there are oils specially designed for a specific model. There is also a special oil for stihl chainsaw, which is suitable for lubricating chains and adding to the tank.

In any case, the lubrication of the chainsaw does not require special and expensive oils, although such products can guarantee longer operation without breakdowns.

Chainsaw lubrication: oil selection

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Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Gear Oil

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" Instruments

How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw

Refueling Stihl MS180 Chainsaws, gasoline and oil.

All user videos: ImMetatron.

Chainsaw Stihl MS180

A couple of points about which fluids need to be poured into a chainsaw. Always monitor the oil level, gasoline you will notice when it runs out &# 128578; But the oil to lubricate the chain, alas. Empirically, you will understand how much your chainsaw spends. Oil also has a different viscosity, from which its flow rate changes.

Caution common sense!

Chainsaw: gasoline and oils

As a rule, a two-stroke carburetor engine and tanks are installed on any saw (one for filling the fuel mixture, the other for filling the oil to lubricate the chain).

The volume of the fuel tank is from 0.3 to 1 liter, and the volume of the oil is 1.5–2 times less.

This ratio of volumes leads to the fact that the oil for lubricating the chain and the fuel mixture end at about the same time, and more precisely, after 30–45 minutes of operation (at full load).

The need for a fuel mixture is clear to anyone familiar with two-stroke engines.

The difference in the duty cycle of a two-stroke engine from a four-stroke engine leads to the fact that it is impossible to use a system of oil pumps to lubricate rubbing parts (piston, shaft) and oil must be added directly to gasoline.

All this is important, since attempts to work only on gasoline or violation of the required proportions of the gasoline-oil mixture will lead to breakage of the tool.

When working with Russian chainsaws, 76th gasoline and conventional two-stroke engine oils are used, which are added to the mixture in an amount of about 4%, in other words, in a ratio of 1/25.

Foreign models require the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 92 and branded oils from manufacturers of chainsaws (the oil content in such a mixture should be about 1/40).

Domestic two-stroke engine oils can be used on foreign chainsaws, however, some circumstances should be kept in mind.

First of all, the buyer must be sure that the gasoline is clean. Secondly, if oils are designed for engines with revolutions of up to 8.5 thousand per minute, and for chainsaws of foreign manufacture revolutions can reach 11-14 thousand, then the use of these oils reduces the tool life by an average of 7-10%.

With oil for lubricating the saw apparatus, the situation is simpler: in all models of household and professional chainsaws, you can use the usual "Zhiguli" oils.

It is important to pay attention to the seasonal operation of the tool. If the saw is used at low temperatures, then even with the right choice of all ingredients, the quality of the oil and fuel mixture may be unsatisfactory (crystallization occurs and viscosity increases significantly).

Video: Chainsaw Chain Lubrication Gear Oil

In this case, the saw should be adapted for use in such conditions. for example, the possibility of heating the carburetor during operation should be considered.

In addition, it is recommended to warm up the saw before work (if it was stored in a room where there was no heating). in order to avoid undesirable consequences due to the presence of condensate.

Benzo-oil mixture for two-stroke engines

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The question is terribly interesting, what proportion should be observed when preparing the mixture for a chainsaw, trimer.

For example, the manufacturer in the passport indicates 1:40, on the fuel tank of this device 1:20, on the can of oil 1:50. Who to believe? Cooking 1:20. It will not be worse? At the same time, my trimer is working fine, and the test of another company’s father-in-law has a lot of smoke.

Stihl chainsaw oil: feed and which to choose

A mixture of one bottle.

Also interested in the question, why can not you store the mixture for a long time? I always do new things, father-in-law uses the old one, no one has problems yet. True father-in-law’s trimer works for the first season.


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Tip 1: How to change the oil in a chainsaw

How to add oil to Friendship-4?

There is a Friendship-4 saw. In the manual, the ratio of oil to benzene is 1:15. The oil was bought by Lukoil Moto 2T, the ratio of 1:50 is written on the bank.
Sobsno, in the instructions for the saw proportions are given with the finished oil of the 50s, and I bought, it seems like modern, now I think how to put on body, if 1:15 to dilute, will the saw get dirty? Although immediately there is an annotation in oil “When preparing the mixture, follow the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer”. I scratch turnip.

1 to 15 body weight
oil is not a fruit concentrate for you)

Well Duc in oil, the proportion is written, the expansion is large, that’s where I hang)) if the expansion were still 15-20 wherever it went. Well 1:15 means 1:15.

To be sure, buy the cheapest car engine oil and pour 1 / 15-1 / 20.
Oil for 2 tacts is special, therefore it is poured less (not 1/20, but 1/50). If it is poured 1/20, then the engine will clog up (tested on a mole).

P.S. Everything said exclusively IMHO, possibly not true. Which oil and how much to pour is up to you.

For soviet dvig.-soviet oil. There is nothing to feed them bourgeois delicacies.

Koroch took his native Autol M8, less likely to ditch the saw.

Originally posted by colencor:

Autol M8

Where did you manage to find it? It’s a rarity. You can safely pour any mineral motor oil or special, for two-stroke engines, into Friendship.

I would pour normal domestic 2T oil in a ratio of 1/30, 1/40

Originally posted by colencor:


Most likely you took M8B1 (or B2). This is a slightly different oil.

Originally posted by Quick:


1/40 is optimal, I go about it everywhere, in the generator and trimer I pour Lukoil 2T and for the saw and motor I take more expensive, something imported, usually teboil 2T

Yes, to see a little is not the same Autol that was with the scoop, but it seems to be no worse.

>>>Designed for medium-powered carburetor engines for cars and trucks.

And 2T pouring is not good, the proportion is strange, as if dviglo not dry dry up.

Here you see what’s the matter, oil for 2-stroke engines flies into cylinders along with gasoline, there are other requirements for it, lower ash content and better combustion. The four-stroke may not have these qualities, although friendship can certainly be used to clean at least some lei with one candle from time to time)))

This is understandable, but will it not work out that the design of the engine is sharpened for a 1:15 autol, and I’ll pour 2T for modern engines in a ratio of 1:40 and amen saw? When I was looking for info on the internet, I read such a version that somewhere in the KShM there are sliding bearings with which the arctic fox comes to work dry. In general, I think, since the test engine for this oil did not pass. pour it. Although, of course, it could be better, less soot and srach, but how to check

lei 1/40 all the way I will have an old friendship too, the eldest son is cutting any rubbish with it, such as an old beam or boards, there Stihl nails ALAL-KO spoil. It pours the mixture that I prepared for other mechanisms.

Moles, whirlwinds with Neptune also work fine.

Well then, let’s think what is better at 1:30 or 1:40. If you don’t start pouring oil, it’s not harmful to add oil too))

If it starts at 1:15 with a car break, then 1:30 starts up easily. Break-in mixture for motors of foreign cars. 1:25.

Well, I think 1:30 will be optimal!

For soviet dvig.-soviet oil. There is nothing to feed them bourgeois delicacies.

the right way to ruin technology

He asked a question in support of Lukoil. They called on my cell phone this morning. The man introduced himself as a technical specialist, recommended pouring 2T in a proportion of 1:50, but starting at 1:40, if there isn’t much smoke, you can leave it at 1:40.

And Autol, he says, is a thick oil, so there is such a proportion. 2T liquid. Only I didn’t see the logic here. in theory, the thicker the oil, the less oil is needed.

Originally posted by colencor:

And Autol, he says, is a thick oil, so there is such a proportion. 2T liquid.

Chainsaw chain lubricant: which to use and how much to pour

Only I didn’t see the logic here. in theory, the thicker the oil, the less oil is needed.

In a two-stroke engine, the oil is lubricated with “oil mist”, that is, the working mixture enters the crankcase inlet cycle and oil dissolved in gasoline lubricates KShM components. A less viscous oil gives a better “fog”. Yes and the composition of the oil for two-stroke engines differs from the usual engine oil. In "Druzhba" there is a Soviet-made condom engine and the use of modern engine oils is only good for him, and two-stroke engines are generally chocolate.)

Yes, another question, is it necessary to feed the saw with 80 benz?

In the instructions, just 72 and 76%) reluctance to drag a canister to a gas station, draining a liter of 92 from a Niva would be easier: obaldet:

This pouring is the 80th. On the 92nd, rings may burn, and during prolonged use with a load, the engine may jam due to overheating. Yes, and it will be easier to start on the 80th.

1) From a modern 2T oil, the engine WILL NOT SPLASH. Long-term experiments on chainsaws and outboard motors and lawn mowers showed that with a ratio of 1/20 in the motors there is no carbon deposits, and it serves about 3 times longer than in the proportion of 1/50.
2) AC-8 and M8B1 oil are one and the same. When working with these oils, it is recommended that after every 25 hours of operation, the motor is disassembled to remove carbon deposits.
3) Pour in Friendship-4 modern 2t oil in a ratio of 1/20 and do not bother yourself.
4) Gasoline ONLY 80th or grind the “head”.

Thanks for the info! And on the first point, where does infa come from?

And on the first point, where does infa come from?

From the personal experience of dozens of people.
Personally, my lawnmow MTD has been working for 12 years on a 1/25 mixture with the recommended 1/40.
I have NEVER SCROLLED A CANDLE. And the scythe works very intensively.
For the past 6 years, the DAKOTA 442 chainsaw has been working on the same mixture. the candle also costs “NATIVE”.

And what specific oil do you use? Well, it also seems to be mineral and half-blue.

Of course, you won’t spoil the porridge with oil, but 1/20 is unnecessary, the oil does not burn and it simply throws out the excess on the exhaust, hence blue smoke or just an oily muffler, unstable XX is possible on some engines. And the resource, such a thing here, tests are needed and not by sight as Maxim does. Everything works for me while at 1/40, I would be glad when the Chinese gene falls apart, so no bastard everything works (by the way, you can also load 1/60 for it, because it works for 3000 all the time)

And what specific oil do you use?

Husqvarna in a black jar of 320 r per 1 liter.

And the resource, here such a thing, tests are needed and not by sight

All my friends. who poured oil in the 2T technique according to the instructions. have already changed the piston. When I took the outboard motor, the seller told me that according to the instructions oil should not be poured. the motor resource will last exactly for the warranty period.
All these tweaks. 1 / 50-1 / 100. exclusively a peep in defense of the environment.
The normal mixture for modern 2T engines. 1/30. regardless of what is written in the instructions.

it all depends on the operating conditions, the same gene works at stable and not high (for a two-stroke) speed and it does not need oil in such quantities.

Another thing is trimers, saws, where the revolutions reach a maximum, in such modes of lubrication you need more.

Threat by the way, I haven’t changed the piston anywhere yet, so that 1 you can pour it to your friends and 1/10 only this is an unnecessary waste of money that’s all, naturally it won’t be worse, if only a candle

You won’t spoil the tank with oil. Fact. If you pour more oil. soot, etc. But if it’s less, then the kabzdets.

Originally posted by Nafigvajag:

If you pour more oil. soot, etc.

On this vacation, the generator began to work poorly, interruptions, loss of power, it turned out that the entire muffler was clogged with oil soot, after disassembling the muffler itself, it turned out that the diameter of the exhaust pipe was a little more than 5 mm, the rest was soot and bitumen. here it was too much oil.

What proportion was how many hours of work?

1/40 the last disassembly a year ago was, cleaning the carb, glushak, adjusting the carburetor. I’ve worked 100-150 hours since that time, I usually count on replaced candles, they usually work for 50 hours. And since the old gene already in 2007 or something, I already forgot))) By the way, friendship seems to be all the son is trying to reanimate, the spark disappears, and the magneto is no longer left.

Yes, I have friendship, if 2 hours a year it works, then it’s good)))

old domestic oils. full of cocoa. A lot of them from soot.
modern ones should be poured exactly as per instructions 1: 50. I usually pour more.

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