Drill Speed ​​Adjustment Without Power Loss

Drill Speed ​​Adjustment Without Power Loss

Each of us at home has some kind of electrical appliance that has been working in the house for more than one year. But over time, the power of technology weakens and does not fulfill its intended purposes. It is then worth paying attention to the insides of the equipment. Mostly problems arise with the electric motor, which is responsible for the functionality of the technique. Then you should pay attention to the device that regulates the engine speed without reducing their power.

Types of engines

Engines are different in characteristics. This means that this or that technique works at different frequencies of revolution of the shaft that starts the mechanism. Motor may be:

Basically, three-phase electric motors are found in factories or large factories. At home, single-phase and two-phase are used. This electricity is enough for household appliances.

Power speed controller

Work principles

Drill Speed ​​Adjustment Without Power Loss

A 220 V motor speed controller without loss of power is used to maintain the initial preset shaft speed. This is one of the basic principles of this device, which is called the frequency regulator.

With it, the appliance operates at the set engine speed and does not reduce it. Also, the engine speed controller affects the cooling and ventilation of the motor. With the help of power, a speed is set that can be either raised or lowered.

The question of how to reduce the speed of a 220 V electric motor was asked by many people. But this procedure is quite simple. It is only necessary to change the frequency of the supply voltage, which will significantly reduce the performance of the motor shaft. You can also change the power of the engine, while engaging its coils. Electricity control is closely related to the magnetic field and motor slip. For such actions, they mainly use an autotransformer, household regulators that reduce the speed of this mechanism. But it is also worth remembering that engine power will decrease.

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Shaft rotation

Engines are divided into:

The speed controller of the asynchronous electric motor depends on the current connected to the mechanism. The essence of the asynchronous motor depends on the magnetic coils through which the frame passes. She pivots on sliding contacts. And when turning it turns around 180 degrees, then through these contacts the connection will flow in the opposite direction. Thus, the rotation will remain unchanged. But with this action, the desired effect will not be obtained. It will come into force after a couple of dozen frames of this type are introduced into the mechanism.

Drill Speed ​​Adjustment Without Power Loss

The commutator motor is used very often.. Its work is simple, as the transmitted current passes directly. because of this, the power of the electric motor revolutions is not lost, and the mechanism consumes less electricity.

The washing machine motor also needs to be adjusted for power. For this, special boards were made that cope with their work: the board for adjusting the engine speed from the washing machine carries multifunctional use, since when it is used, the voltage decreases, but the rotation power is not lost.

The circuit of this board is checked. One has only to put the bridges from the diodes, choosing an optocoupler for the LED. In this case, you still need to put the triac on the radiator. Basically, engine adjustment starts at 1000 rpm.

If the power regulator is not satisfied and its functionality is not enough, you can make or improve the mechanism. For this, it is necessary to take into account the current strength, which should not exceed 70 A, and the heat transfer during use. Therefore, an ammeter can be installed to adjust the circuit. The frequency will be small and will be determined by capacitor C2.

Next, you should configure the regulator and its frequency. Upon exit, this pulse will exit through a push-pull transistor amplifier. You can also make 2 resistors that will serve as an output for the computer’s cooling system. In order for the circuit to not burn out, a special blocker is required, which will serve as a doubled current value. So this mechanism will work for a long time and in the right amount. Power control devices provide your appliance with many years of service at no extra cost.

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