How to Mow Grass Properly with an Electric Trimmer

The presence on the site of an emerald velvety lawn will be the pride of every gardener, provided that he is properly taken care of. Regular mowing is an important step in keeping the lawn in good condition.

Regular lawn mowing promotes tillering of the grass, which subsequently leads to the formation of a dense turf, which reduces the number of weeds that are literally replaced by young shoots, and also prolongs the growing season and protects the plants from depletion. Thus, thanks to the mowing procedure, you can solve several problems of lawn care at the same time.

When to start mowing grass

A young lawn can please the first emerald sprouts that have not yet fully formed, when more than 4 weeks have passed since its planting. If the seedling height reaches 8-10 cm, you should think about the first haircut. The main rule of the initial lawn care is not to cut too short.

Thin-leaved grass will be depleted, and bald spots may appear on the lawn, which will eventually fill with weeds. Leave should be at least 5 cm, then the mowing height depends on the composition of the grass of your lawn.

Lawn grass is mowed in dry weather, but the surface of the earth itself must be moistened in order to prevent pulling out of not yet strong young shoots. Mowing wet grass can lead to clogging of the mower, and if the soil is excessively moist, there is a risk of damaging the grass surface.

How to mow grass

You should be puzzled by this question from the moment you decided to equip the lawn on your site. The quality of the grass cover will depend on the chosen technique. No matter how you would like, but using a braid to create a perfectly flat surface will not succeed. For this purpose, it is better to use special equipment.

Lawn scissors

This fairly simple device will allow you to cut grass along the edge of the lawn and in inaccessible places, as well as to cut a small lawn. However, the use of lawn scissors is not effective, as it is time-consuming and labor intensive.

Garden trimmer

Garden trimmers are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. The first ones are lightweight, small in size, but require a power outlet and long wiring.

Gasoline are mobile, but heavier in weight. The trimmer is perfect for mowing grass in hard to reach places where you can not cut it with a mower. It can be used to cut small areas.

Lawn mowers

Today, there are many models of lawn mowers that differ not only in price, variety of cutting element and engine type, but also in the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, choosing a lawn mower, you should consider the engine power, the area and shape of the lawn, and a number of other technical characteristics.

Using a manual mechanical lawn mower will allow you not to depend on the availability of energy and carry out a perfect lawn mowing without harming nature. Sharp knives provide the highest quality mowing, although it is quite difficult for her to work.

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Electric mowers are easy to operate, easy to clean, quiet, relatively safe for the natural environment, and great for medium-sized lawns. Almost the only inconvenience when using this type of mower is the need to connect to a power supply. A great solution for small lawns with a flat surface.

Gasoline lawn mowers are ideal for mowing large lawns of any shape, and they are independent of external power sources. However, gas mowers are heavier, more difficult to use and produce a lot of noise.

How to Mow Grass Properly with an Electric Trimmer

Lawn mowing with a garden tractor

For large areas, there is a more complex and larger technique for treating the lawn. As a rule, such machines are equipped not only with blades for mowing grass, but also with tools for aeration and scorification. Some include a garden vacuum cleaner for picking leaves, mowed grass, and litter. Large-area lawn processing machines are called garden tractors.

How to mow lawn grass

Before mowing the lawn, make sure the mowers are working and check that the knives are sharpened well. Using poorly sharpened blades can damage the grass, and young growth can be uprooted. Inspect the surface of the lawn, remove construction debris, pebbles, tree branches.

If you mow the grass with a trimmer, the direction of movement is not so important. But when using a lawn mower, you should start cutting from the narrow sides of the lawn. Next, cut the grass along the long sides, moving in the forward and reverse direction. Drive the lawnmower carefully, without sudden movements. Make sure that the grass container is full, it is important that it does not clog.

How often to mow the lawn

The height and frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn, season and climate. The ground grass for the first 2 years is mowed at a level of 4-5 cm, gradually lowering to 3-4 cm. The optimal height for landscape gardening lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, thus allowing ripening to the seeds. Mowing frequency. Once a week, in wet weather. 1 time in 5 days. During a drought, the height of the haircut is increased to 5-6 cm, and the interval between haircuts is up to 7-8 days. Lawn mowing is carried out regularly in accordance with the growth of grass.

How to use mowed grass

Do not rush to get rid of mowed grass, it can and should be used. Let’s look at how you can use mowed grass. For example, for mulching (in order to improve the access of air and moisture to the roots of plants), composting or feeding plants on the site.

Mowed grass, which will be used for mulching, needs to be dried well, after which it is laid out on flower beds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Do not forget to update the mulching layer in a timely manner so that it is not beautiful, and parasites do not start in it.

Feeding the lawn with mowed grass is quite simple, just leave it on the lawn (not acceptable for all types of lawn) and when decomposed, nutrients will enter the soil. Also, many gardeners harvest compost pits and moisten them. When the grass rots, they interfere with manure, dissolve in water and use it to feed plants.

When was the last time to mow the lawn before the cold

The last lawn mowing is carried out in mid-autumn. Depending on the temperature regime, this can be both September and October, until the air temperature drops below 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Mowing the lawn takes time and attention, but with the right approach, it will allow you to create a perfectly flat grass carpet on the site. Follow the recommendations of professionals, and the green lawn will delight you for many years.

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