How to Put a Mode Switch on a Hammer

If you get to the moment you switch modes in the punch, this means that you:

  1. You have an idea about rotary hammers
  2. Just bought a punch, but for some reason did not read the instructions, and look for the answer that should be in the case with the punch.
  3. The instruction contains text in all languages ​​that you do not understand (English, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others). By the way, a puncher in English sounds about the same as a small accent in Russian.
  4. Alternatively, you do not know how to read text from a book, but you read well from the screen of a monitor or tablet.
  5. You lost the instruction, and now using Yandex ("There is everything") or Google search in which edge of your vast apartment it is located, but got to this site.
  6. And the last option. You had an instruction in Russian with a detailed description, but your favorite dog ate it, struck by lightning, washed off the great flood, or you took it with you to the cottage and used it like a read newspaper.

If none of the options is suitable, write to the email from the section "Contacts". Your most cultural options will be unveiled.

And so, we turn to the main essence of the topic. Below it will be described and shown how to switch the operating modes of the punch, and why.

An example of a display would be a professional-class, full-time rented rotary hammer, Bosch GBH 4 DFE.

Please note that each time you switch the punch mode, you must press the red button.

And one more thing: do not switch modes during the operation of the punch.

How to switch the drill to drilling mode

To switch the drill to drilling mode, you must press the red button, which was mentioned earlier, and put the mode switch in the position, as shown in the photo below.

Video: How to Put a Mode Switch on a Hammer

How to Put a Mode Switch on a Hammer

In this mode, the punch can only rotate the chuck to which the drill will be inserted. The cartridge, of course, can rotate without a drill, but in work it is unlikely to help you.

The words "just rotate the cartridge" mean that in spite of the fact that you will have a puncher, the chiselling mode will not work due to the fact that it will be turned off. The logic is extremely simple, given that all modes are marked with icons on the body of the power tool, and perform only the function that is indicated.

How to switch the punch to drilling

The next mode in the direction of clockwise rotation of the mode switch is drilling Perhaps this is the most important and loaded mode of operation of the punch.

Press the red button and put the switch in position, as shown in the photo. Nothing complicated.

How to Put a Mode Switch on a Hammer

In this mode, you can make a hole in a concrete wall using a drill (drill) with an SDS-plus shank.

Important warning: Do not attempt to insert drills that are not designed for the specific type of chuck into the chuck. For example, a drill with a cylindrical shank in the SDS-plus chuck. The tail of the drill can be flattened and you cannot remove the drill from the chuck.

How to switch the puncher to chiselling mode

I believe that by analogy with the previous examples, you can answer the question how to switch the punch to chiselling. But let’s check it out.

And again, press the red button, and translate the mode switch to the position as shown in the photo. That’s it, your punch is in the slotting mode.

How to Put a Mode Switch on a Hammer

Now you can remove the old tile. In the absence of a chamfer, make a groove in the concrete wall using a drill (drilling mode, drilling) and a spatula (drilling mode).

Contact us, and by renting a hammer, you can consolidate all of the above in practice.

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