How to Turn On a Gasoline Lawn Mower

Non-self-propelled gas mowers. purpose and description

Non-self-propelled gas mowers belong to the class of garden equipment used for mowing grass of a fixed height in garden plots, cottages, lawn mowing, landscaping lawns of green park areas with an area of ​​20 hectare or more.

The device of the lawn mower in the entire history of its existence since 1830 has not undergone significant changes and is an ordinary cart. a four-wheel deck with a rotary installation, the drive of which is from a gasoline four-stroke engine, a folding handle that serves to fasten the engine controls and simultaneously manually move the machine along the lawn. A gas mower with gasoline has high productivity due to a cutting width of up to 600 mm, can work autonomously anywhere in the garden or garden, is not afraid of wet grass, and if the model has large rear wheels with a diameter of up to 300 mm, it can cut grass on lawns with a not very flat surface.

However, gasoline lawn mowers, including professional models, have significant weight, which leads to increased specific pressure on the ground wheels of the deck, with subsequent negative consequences for the vegetation of the lawn. In addition, the four-stroke lawnmower drive motor does not allow working on lawn slopes exceeding twenty-five degrees, due to dripping oil in the oil pan one side and as a result of deterioration in the lubrication of the connecting rod bearings.

According to the instructions, the fuel consumption of a lawn mower, which uses AI-92 gasoline, is on average up to two liters per hour. When refueling a full tank, the mower can continuously work for about two hours, and when you first mow the lawn, the time is slightly reduced. With scheduled maintenance of lawns, when the required height of grass is constantly maintained, gas mileage can be significantly reduced by reducing the load when mowing grass on the deck rotor knives.

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Almost all lawn mowers have a mulching function, which is provided by a special shape of the rotor cutting knives, which simultaneously cut, grind and suck the grass into the grass catcher or, if removed, throw the resulting mulch directly onto the lawn.

To the question of how to choose a gas mower and which is better, you can answer as follows. If you need a high-quality and reliable grass trimmer, take a look at the top brands from the lawn mowers rating below. To care for lawns and lawns with an area of ​​about 25 acres, you need a lawn mower with a maximum mowing width of 550-600 mm. We discussed fuel consumption above. As for the collection of mowed grass, almost all gasoline-powered lawn mowers are equipped with an easily removable grass catcher, which is manually emptied periodically as it is filled.

Rating of lawn mowers gasoline

Lawn mowers gasoline. a photo

In the catalog section non-self-propelled gas mowers gasoline models of various manufacturers with photos are presented.

Photo gasoline mowers Husqvarna 152sv

How to Turn On a Gasoline Lawn Mower

Overview of non-self-propelled gas mowers

A review of gas mowers gasoline includes models with the main technical specifications and photos of leading manufacturers. The information is presented by a summary table of non-self-propelled lawnmowers of the following brands Honda (Honda), Husqvarna (Husqvarna), Makita (Makita), Oleo-Mac (Oleo Mac), Motor Sich, etc.

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