P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Lubricant for the punch allows you to extend its service life and make its use more efficient. In order for the effect of the lubricant to bring the expected results, when choosing it, one should take into account not only the characteristics of the lubricant, but also the technical parameters of the device for which it is planned to be used. When choosing how to lubricate a rotary hammer, one must bear in mind the fact that different parts of such equipment need different types of lubricant.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Proper lubrication of the rotary hammer gear

There is an opinion that the presence of lubricant on the movable elements of the punch allows you to postpone its replacement for a long time. Meanwhile, this opinion is fundamentally wrong, and in order to change it, it is enough to get acquainted with the principle by which lubricants work.

Why do punch elements need lubrication?

A lubricant, including that used for a perforator, is a viscous substance, the use of which is necessary to reduce the coefficient of friction between structural elements of a mechanical device moving relative to each other. Thus, the lubricant only reduces friction, but does not completely eliminate it, so the lubricating composition is gradually saturated with the wear products of the rubbing parts. metal dust. As a result, not only does the viscosity of the lubricating composition change, but it also becomes the cause of more intense wear of the equipment.

It should be noted right away that viscosity is the most important parameter to be guided by when choosing a lubricant of a certain type.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Over time, the grease becomes contaminated and loses its properties.

How to choose the right lubricant for a particular model of rock drill? First of all, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, which necessarily indicates both the required type of lubricant composition and the frequency of its replacement. It is especially important to be guided by such recommendations, the warranty period for the puncher has not yet expired. Otherwise, in the event of a device breakdown, you will not be able to use the manufacturer’s warranty obligations.

After the expiration of the warranty period, many owners of rotary hammers begin to use not branded compounds for lubrication, but their cheaper analogues. lithol or solid oil. Of course, such lubricants are not able to harm the structural elements of the perforator, but when using them, it should be borne in mind that they should be replaced much more often.

Gear Lubrication

The rotary hammer reducer is the most complex unit in the design of the device, so it requires special attention. It is not so difficult to lubricate the perforator gearbox, but self-assembly of a previously disassembled assembly can cause serious difficulties. If the punch is still under warranty, then with a question about lubricating its gearbox, it is best to contact a specialized workshop that provides warranty service for such equipment.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

A detailed diagram of the device of your rock drill will help you understand the mechanism and correctly assemble the tool

If the punch you own is not covered by any warranty or the warranty period for your equipment has already expired and the authorized service center is far enough away, you can lubricate the gear yourself, observing the utmost care and attention. To do this, you will need:

  • a set of locksmith tools with which you will assemble and disassemble the hammer drill gear;
  • clean rags;
  • the composition itself to perform lubrication.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

"Native" grease for gearbox Makita P-08361. Refilled at initial tool assembly and recommended for maintenance

It is better if a proprietary product specially designed for equipment of a certain brand will act as a lubricant. So, it can be grease for Makita punch or grease for Bosch punch. If you don’t have branded grease, but you can’t get it, you can use inexpensive domestic lubricants.

It is very important that you have instructions for the drill you are going to lubricate. Naturally, if you are the owner of a Makita or Bosch rotary hammer, this should be an instruction for the technique of these particular brands.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

All gearbox parts must be completely cleaned of old grease.

Having carefully studied the instructions for the punch, you can begin the procedure for lubricating its gearbox.

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  • Before disassembling, the hammer must be well cleaned of dust.
  • When disassembling the gearbox, it is advisable to immediately remember how the elements of its construction are located in it. It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to disassemble and lubricate the gearbox immediately after the use of the hammer drill. This is explained by the fact that even hot parts of the gearbox when they get cold lubricating composition can lose their physical characteristics.
  • After all the components of the gearbox are removed from its housing, they should be thoroughly washed with gasoline or spindle oil and wiped dry.
  • The inside of the gear case must also be washed, wiped (as much as possible) and allowed to dry completely.
  • When disassembling the perforator gearbox, you can pay attention to the fact that some elements of its design are not lubricated. This only means that such parts do not need lubrication and there is no need to apply it to them.
  • As mentioned above, it is better to use proprietary lubricant for the drill gear or perforator, which has a number of advantages. In particular, branded lubricants retain their original characteristics much longer, so they can be used much less frequently. In addition, the proprietary lubricating composition has such an important quality as water resistance, so it effectively protects the metal parts of the hammer from moisture and, accordingly, from corrosion. As a good alternative to branded lubricants for the gearbox of a hammer drill or drill, you can use Metabo oil, the cost of which is quite affordable.
  • After lubricating all components, the gearbox must be carefully assembled in the reverse sequence.

The care of a perforator includes not only the lubrication of its gearbox, but also the application of a lubricant to the shank of the drill used.

Before performing this procedure, the tool shank should be thoroughly cleaned. After this, a special lubricant for drill punchers or conventional lithol is usually used. In addition, if an open type cartridge is installed on the punchers, it is advisable to wipe it with a gland before wiping it, which will provide more reliable protection of the inside of the device from dust ingress.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Punch drill lubrication

Causes of equipment overheating

Many home masters have a question about how to use a hammer drill so that its gear case does not overheat. First of all, you should find out the reason for too intense heating. One of these reasons may be too much grease in the inside of the gearbox, which also negatively affects the performance of the device.

The reason for the intense heating of the perforator gearbox may also be due to the fact that insufficient lubricant is supplied to its internal parts. This can happen in cases where the punch is used for too long in the slotting mode.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Through this hole in the perforator case, the grease is periodically filled in during operation

Another common reason for overheating of the device is that the holes through which the cooling air enters the perforator motor are clogged. In such cases, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the perforator from dust and set it for a while in normal drilling mode. When operating in this gentle mode for about half an hour, the temperature of the gearbox housing should decrease.

With proper care of the technical condition of the hammer and observing all recommendations for its use, the gear case must not overheat under any operating conditions.

Proper drill care with punch function

The drill, which has the function of a hammer drill, is a hybrid of two types of equipment used to create holes in various materials. Unlike a classic rotary hammer, such a drill has some design flaws, which makes its maintenance more complicated and not too convenient. Such disadvantages include, but are not limited to:

  • lack of a special container into which the lubricating compound is poured;
  • the complexity of the maintenance of the cartridge due to the peculiarities of its structure.

The main care of the drill with the functions of a hammer drill is that after each use the drill of such equipment (including the tail section) must be well cleaned of drilling waste, and before inserting such a tool into the drill, a small amount should be applied to its shank lubricants (you can use ordinary solidol). If the amount of grease on the shank is excessive, this will not harm the tool itself and the equipment used, but can adversely affect the appearance of the surface you are drilling, since excess grease will be sprayed from the rotating cartridge.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Impact Drill Gear Lubrication

As a rule, drills with the functions of a hammer drill are purchased for domestic use, as their price is quite affordable, and they cope quite well with their functions when performing simple home repairs. Despite the fact that these power tools differ in the features mentioned above, caring for a drill-puncher does not take much time and does not cause problems even for not too experienced users.

Grease selection

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

A universal and relatively inexpensive lubricant that can be used for most modern models of rotary hammers, is the oil poured into diesel engines. Actively and quite successfully for the lubrication of perforators are used compositions based on graphite. Such compositions, in particular, are used to lubricate open-type worm gears.

Litol-24 is also actively used as an inexpensive lubricant for structural elements of perforating devices. Meanwhile, such a lubricating composition can cause overheating and braking of rubbing parts, in addition, its action is short enough.

A few more tips for lubricating a rotary hammer

The question of how often the puncher should be lubricated is often encountered by users of such equipment. There can be no definite answer to this question, since the regularity of lubrication depends on the intensity of use of the hammer, as well as on what loads the equipment takes. In addition, you must pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are necessarily indicated in the technical passport, as well as whether the warranty period for the device you are using has expired.

P 08361 Grease For Makita Gear

Hidden surfaces of gearbox parts must be lubricated before assembly

The question of how to lubricate the punch of one of the modern models is much simpler to answer, since the vast majority of such devices already have a special container in their equipment, into which you just need to fill the lubricating composition by unscrewing the drain cover and draining the old grease. Before filling in new grease, the level of which should not exceed the reference mark, it is better to purge the container using any compressor suitable for this, and then rinse with spindle oil or regular gasoline.

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