Replacing Viking’s Lawnmower Oil

If you have a personal plot, then you certainly need a lawn mower. It will help you get rid of weeds in a minimum time and maintain lawns in a well-groomed condition. The range of lawn mowers on sale is very large. When choosing it, you need to take into account the area of ​​the site, the relief and, of course, your personal criteria. Important are the weight, size, price of the tool.

The company offers these products in 2 forms.


On large areas, it is recommended that you use a gas mower. In physical terms, working with her is much easier. Its motor is able to withstand a long time without stopping and overheating. The steel case has an anti-corrosion coating, protects the device from any mechanical damage.

Some models vary in the location of the drive. Possible rear or front version. Like electric, gas mowers can be self-propelled and non-self-propelled. All are equipped with grass mowing and mulching modes. The height of the bevel is adjustable.

The large diameter rear wheels make the device stable in sharp turns.

All gasoline powered devices have a four-pin engine with good performance. Such an engine does not require special lubricants and is easy to operate.

Lawn mowers work in 2 chains.

  1. Mowed grass is sucked into a container. After filling the tank, it is ejected through the front opening.
  2. The mowed grass is immediately mulched and evenly thrown onto the lawn. This layer will serve as fertilizer and retain moisture in the lawn.

By changing the height of the cutting knives that are on each wheel, you change the height of the bevel. Safe operation is ensured by a mechanical brake system. Handle control of the mower is very convenient. There are 5 modes of height adjustment for the growth of the user.

Model Interskol GKB 44/150 is a non-self-propelled lawn mower and is very popular. It has a weight of 24 kg and dimensions of 805x535x465 mm. Its resource is capable of processing a lawn area of ​​up to 1200 square meters. m. Thanks to the large rear wheels, working with it is maneuverable and stable. The handle is adjustable in 5 positions for the growth of the operator. All control devices are built on it. The mowing height can be adjusted from 30 to 67 mm. Mowing width. 440 mm. The grass collection tank has a volume of 55 liters.

For small volumes, you can purchase a trimmer.

They are distinguished by a more powerful engine for working on complex reliefs with dry and hard grass. The thicker the thickness of the fishing line, the more productive the tool. Thanks to powerful knives, the mower specializes in pruning shrubs. For convenient use of this type of apparatus, shoulder straps are provided that attach the trimmer to the shoulders in limbo. So the load from the hands goes to the shoulder girdle, the work efficiency increases.

Trimmer "Interskol" KRB 23/33 equipped with a two-contact engine running on 1.3 liter gasoline. from. It has a bevel width of 23 cm. The folding handle can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator. A very convenient tool for cutting bushes and lawn around the flower beds. The cutting device is a fishing line and a knife.

Replacing Viking's Lawnmower Oil


Designed for small lawns up to 5 acres. They are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled.

The first ones are quite comfortable and maneuverable. The energy distributed between the wheels and the cutting parts allows the electric mower to move independently and evenly mow the lawn. Sufficiently heavy weight makes it uncomfortable to move the mower from one place to another.

Video: Replacing Viking’s Lawnmower Oil

Non-self-propelled perform the same function as the first. The disadvantage is the need to move the device from place to place using physical force. In turn, they are convenient to work in small areas with a small amount of work.

Criterias of choice

When choosing an electric lawn mower some parameters need to be considered.

  • The capture of the mowing strip ranges from 30-46 cm.
  • The adjustable cutting height of the grass is set manually or using a special button.
  • All models have a grass catcher. If you plan to use mowed grass as fertilizer, choose a model with a grinding function.
  • Units with power in the range of 600-1000 W are suitable for use on a large plot.

The power of the motor depends on the location of the motor. If the engine is at the bottom, then its power will be up to 600 watts.

This capacity is enough for a plot of up to 500 square meters. m. with a smooth topography and low grass. The location of the motor at the top of the mower indicates its high power. Such units can handle any tasks.

Pros and cons

Among the merits The following can be distinguished:

  • the price is relatively lower than that of gasoline options;
  • minimum noise level;
  • low weight, which is convenient to work with;
  • environmentally friendly model, since there are no gas emissions;
  • there is a switch with a locking device;
  • convenient folding handle;
  • the power cord is secured by a latch;
  • no engine break-in required.


  • the presence of a cord, which must be constantly monitored so that it does not fall into the mower’s knives;
  • inconvenience of use on terrain.

Consider the Interskol lawnmower, the GKE 32/1200 model, powered by the mains.

This model with a propylene housing has a weight of 8.4 kg and an engine power of 1200 watts. Its dimensions are 1090x375x925. The rear wheels have a large diameter, unlike the front. The availability of a highly reliable engine provides a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. The washable grass collection has a volume of 30 liters.

Adjustment of mowing height is provided. Accidental engagement is protected by a knife brake, grip and bevel width is 33 cm, height. from 20 to 60 mm. Three intermediate positions, there is a collector motor, the current frequency is 50 Hz. The mower is controlled by a lever. The switch has the function of blocking from accidental inclusion.

All lawn mowers have different types of knives. Knives vary in size, it all depends on the size and thickness of the grass layer. According to the type of cutting mechanism, 2 types of mowers are distinguished.

  1. With a drum or cylindrical device. High-quality cut provides sharpened blades. There are in manual models and in electric mowers. Their use in highly overgrown areas is not recommended.
  2. With a rotary device, in which 2 blades are built in, it is possible to use on uneven areas, a height adjustment from 2 to 10 mm is provided.

In extreme heat, grass should not be cut too short, as it may burn out.

Leave it taller at this time. And at an optimal, humid air temperature, you can cut the grass very shortly.

Replacing Viking's Lawnmower Oil

Features of choice

When choosing a lawn mower, consider some of the characteristics with which to work with the tool will be comfortable and pleasure. If you intend to collect hay, consider models that have a grass picker. It can be made of soft or hard material.

Some models have an automatic grass ejection function. It is made to the side or back. The grass catcher can be equipped with the function of mulching, crushing waste to a certain level.

The width of the mowed strip is not the last indicator when choosing a device. For lawnmowers with a powerful engine, the working width is wider. The wider the grip, the faster the site processing procedure will go, especially if the area is large.

User’s manual

When buying any model, an instruction with user rules is attached to it. It is important to observe it for long-term operation of the unit. It is necessary to systematically clean the work surface, change damaged parts, tighten the screws and nuts. Only work with original spare parts. Timely change the belt and oil, as well as other materials.

Store the mower in a closed, dry room. Do not wash equipment with caustic and aggressive substances, use only running water. If you notice that the engine does not start well or does not operate normally, damage to the motor winding may occur. In case of increased vibrations, imbalance of the knife is possible. To do this, check the knife sharpening or replace it in a specialized service.

Overview of the Electric Lawn Mower "Interskol" GKE-32/1200 in the video below.

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