Resanta Power Screwdriver 18 Volt Review

Resanta Power Screwdriver 18 Volt Review

Any home craftsman is aware that an ordinary screwdriver is good if you need to tighten two or three screws. If there are more, and sometimes much more, such work turns into a real torment: the hand instantly gets tired, and corns appear after the tenth screw. Therefore, for work with the use of a large number of screws or screws, they use a special tool. screwdrivers. These hand-held power tools have special nozzles in the form of screwdrivers, which are replaced depending on which slots have the screws to be screwed.

Key Specifications

Metabo Network Screwdrivers:

These models are suitable for use in the conditions of accessibility of the electric network. in the workshop, apartment or on the construction site. The robust Metabo Marathon motor (400 to 550 W) is equipped with additional winding protection.

In screwdrivers, a quick-clamping chuck is used, the proprietary Variospeed (V) system allows you to control the speed, the maximum torque regulator will not allow you to cut the screws’ slots. The increased strength of the housing will ensure its safety in harsh conditions, as well as the all-metal gearbox.

  • Power 600 W
  • Maximum torque. from 7 to 11 Nm
  • Idling turns. from 2500 to 6200 rpm
  • Weight. from 1.1 to 1.2 kg.

Metabo cordless drill / drivers:

Resanta Power Screwdriver 18 Volt Review

In cases where the power grid is not available, cordless tools must be used.

A number of Metabo cordless screwdrivers during their operation allow the use of short-term power impulses. Such impulse technology makes it possible, for example, to turn out stuck screws.

In addition to the previously mentioned advanced technologies that are used in network screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers have additional advantages.

The most important of them is the ability to use the tool in places where electrical networks are not available, thanks to the use of compact and lightweight and lithium-ion batteries. The batteries used in Metabo PowerMaxx screwdrivers have an increased capacity of 3.5 and 4 Ah.

In screwdrivers, the proprietary Metabo Ultra-M technology is used, which controls the parameters and protects the battery cells under any operating conditions. Thanks to this technology, the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty on all used batteries.

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Metabo Ultra-M technology includes:

  • a microprocessor is built into the battery pack, which continuously monitors the temperature of the unit and the state of all its cells. It does not allow them to excessively discharge and recharge, and also controls the process of energy consumption;
  • the battery has a built-in LED cross-position charge indicator, which shows in real time the battery charge;
  • cells in the battery are placed on a special elastic suspension, which protects the battery pack in the event of a fall, shock, and vibration during operation, which has a good effect on their lifetime;
  • while charging, the inside of the battery is forcibly cooled by a fan built into the charger. A specially developed air movement system reduces the temperature of the battery, increases the speed of charge, while increasing battery life.

Metabo has developed various types of tools and accessories for screwdrivers, greatly expanding the possibilities of their application. For example, a special device that changes the axis of rotation at a right angle and turns a conventional screwdriver into an angular one.

The Metabo battery is unified and suitable for any cordless tools of this company with a voltage of 14.4 or 18 volts. In addition, Metabo tools can be supplied with or without a battery. All this allows you to save on the purchase of battery and charging units when buying several Metabo tools.

The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty on both the battery and the tool itself. This indicates the high quality of Metabo screwdrivers.

So, briefly about the Metabo cordless screwdrivers:

  • Battery voltage 18 V
  • Maximum torque. from 5 to 9 Nm (PowerMaxx. 34 Nm)
  • Idling turns. from 360 to 6000 rpm
  • Weight. from 0.8 to 1.4 kg.

Pros and Cons of Metabo Screwdrivers


  1. Resanta Power Screwdriver 18 Volt Review

    Easy tool change.

  2. Metabo Marathon motor with winding protection.
  3. Impulse technology.
  4. Control electronics.
  5. Air cooling the battery pack when charging.


  1. The button for fixing the battery module on some models is too big, which may cause some inconvenience during operation.
  2. Unsuccessful location on some models of ventilation holes in the bottom of the screwdriver, which can clog debris during operation.
  3. High sensitivity of the lithium-ion battery pack to freezing temperatures

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Metabo screwdrivers are offered in a wide price range. from 2,500 to 28,000 rubles, depending on the torque, power and configuration. The price of network models, of course, lower than the battery models.

Both a professional and an amateur will definitely find a tool for themselves in an acceptable price-quality ratio. With the advent of new tools, sellers often offer older models with a nickel battery at good discounts. By purchasing a Metabo screwdriver, you will get a reliable assistant to facilitate your work and fully work out your price

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