Screwdriver Without Battery And Charger

Screwdriver Without Battery And Charger

Reference: 06019F6003

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Compact tool Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC with four nozzles allowing to expand a range of works. magnetic bit holder, drill chuck, angle and eccentric nozzles. Two working speeds (0-400 and 0-1300 rpm), reverse, adjustable torque (15 Nm soft / 30 Nm hard materials). Works with fasteners with a diameter up to 7 mm. The use of a drill chuck for shank drills 1-10 mm makes it possible to make holes in wood 19 mm, metal 10 mm. Powered by lithium-ion 12 v battery 2.0 Ah. Comes with the listed nozzles, without battery and charger.

Four-screwdriver without battery and charger

Description of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

  • Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC screwdriver, due to its compactness (132 × 178 mm) and light weight (0.6 kg), Ideal for working in narrow places with difficult access, for drilling or twisting overhead.
  • Tightens and unscrews screws and screws (diameter 7 mm), drills wood (19 mm), metal (10 mm), plastics.
  • The nozzles included in the kit: angled GFA 12-W, eccentric GFA 12-E, bit holder GFA 12-X and drill chuck GFA 12-B, significantly expand the capabilities of the tool.

Technical features of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

  • The screwdriver is powered by a 12 V Li-Ion battery (in this configuration they are not). You can also use 10.8-volt Li-Ion batteries.
  • From a complete discharge the battery is insured by the electronic system ECP.
  • On the instrument turned on, three indicator LEDs indicate the level of battery potential.
  • Two speed modes(0-400 and 0-1300 rpm) provide an opportunity to more effectively carry out the task. To switch from one gear to another, the tool is equipped with a switch.
  • In the process smoothly adjust the speed can be changed by pressing the switch.
  • Ultimate Torque Performance 30 Nm. Adjust the fastening force of the fasteners (up to 15 Nm in soft and up to 30 Nm in hard materials) will help 15-step torque setting, feasible with the installation ring. One position in which the ratchet clutch is off for drilling.

Video: Screwdriver Without Battery And Charger

Screwdriver Without Battery And Charger

  • Simple change of direction of rotation of the cartridge with a switch.
  • Chuck inch socket.
  • Auto Lock Spindle Auto-Lock It guarantees safe replacement of equipment, and also allows you to use the tool as a screwdriver with an insufficient battery charge, and as a screwdriver.
  • GFA 12-X bit holder, GFA 12-B drill chuck (fastens drills with 1-10 mm shanks), as well as the angular GFA 12-W and the eccentric GFA 12-E nozzles expand the possibilities of using the tool.
  • Flexiclick 5-in-1 System provides toolless replacement of the attached nozzles and makes it possible to quickly switch from one type of work to another.
  • Nozzle data easy rotate to the desired position.

Comfort and safety

  • Overload triggered thermal protection, which turns off the tool.
  • LED light to illuminate dark work areas.
  • The tool with an ergonomic handle with a rubberized grip is easy and convenient to hold, even when you do not have to let it go out of your hands for a long time.
  • Metal gears for reliability and long life of a screwdriver.

Video presentation of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

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