Stihl 230 Or 250 Which is Better

Husqvarna or Stihl. which of these chainsaws is better?

Intriguing question, isn’t it? I am sure that many connoisseurs of these brands of the tool, they were asked, asked and will be asked. Of course, there are other worthy manufacturers of chainsaws, but it was Husqvarna and Stihl that were made to adapt our Russian conditions, and these companies have earned trust and respect in the hands of the harsh Russian peasant for many years! And if so, so be it, consider these brands and this difficult question. Husqvarna or Stihl?

In fact, such an urgent question, in my opinion, is tantamount to an eternally tormenting all scientists minds unresolved task. who was born, a chicken or an egg? Indeed, this theorem has ardent supporters of chicken, and there are ardent opponents. supporters of the egg. So in our case. adherents of Huskvarna and fans of Calm. Let’s look at this difficult question.

To begin with, it is necessary to specifically raise the question. what exactly in these saws of different companies is interested in one or another supporter: appearance, power, convenience, reliability, life, price. What is the purpose of the saw operation. professional or for everyday household needs.

Let’s look at the professional saws of Huska and Calm and evaluate their appearance.

Stihl 230 Or 250 Which is Better

Speaking of "caps"! If we consider the “winter-summer” protection in which moisture, snow penetration into the saw carburetor (and cooling in the summer) is protected, then, in my opinion, the Husky design is much better. I know that many will start arguing and claiming that the "Shtil" adaption, which includes a separate top cover with a marking jumper and a "side" on the starter, is more convenient and reliable, but in practice it’s not more effective than the Huskvarn defense.

We well know that when a saw “grabs” snow in winter during felling, it begins to “cough, spit” and stall. I worked with both of the presented models for a considerable time and I declare with confidence that Stihl in this regard, much more capricious of his opponent! Yes, and the Huskvarna filter is made better than the Calm filter.

To disassemble a saw in the forest at the workplace and quickly fix the malfunction, an asterisk key is required. For Husqvarna, one basic key is quite enough, which in itself is more convenient to use than the "calm" Calm.

Both firms have a wide selection of professional and household line of models (of course, and farm models). However, some modifications of the company are made directly in different countries. For example, company Husqvarna represents chainsaws of specific models by other manufacturers in the following countries:

  • 137E and 142E. Huskvarna factory in the USA;
  • 257, 254XP, 262XP, 262XPH. Huskvarna plants in Russia, in the well-known city of Khimki
  • 268, 61, 55, 272XP, 281XP, 288XP. Husqvarna factory in Brazil.

The remaining models of chainsaws are made directly in the homeland of Husqvarna, that is, in Sweden. If you come across another country of the manufacturer not mentioned above, then this is a fake!

As for Calm, judging by the information from VIKI, it is the best-selling brand of chainsaws on the planet.

The geography of the factories of the legendary company is as follows: Germany, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil and China. In the homeland of the saw. Germany, there are 3 powerful factories that specialize in specific saw units and assemblies. In one, crankshafts, polymer parts, tires are made, in the other. saws, in the third. magnesium alloy parts. At a plant in the USA, crankshafts, tires, spare parts are manufactured, piston is processed and assemblies are assembled. The most popular brand of Calm Ms 180, which the majority of the population in Russia acquires, they produce and assemble it at a factory in the USA. In Brazil, in addition to the classic list of product manufacturing, pistons and cylinders are also produced. In Switzerland, saw chains are being manufactured, in Austria, blower devices. Well, of course, how to do without China, which produces, probably, everything for the Stihl saw.

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So what are we considering. which models? Let’s evaluate the saws from the professional line, those that, in my opinion, are most popular and used in our logging. I mean Stihl 361 and Husqvarna 365 SP.

The cost of these saws is almost the same: Husqvarna 365 SP. 22,990 rubles, STIHL MS 361 16-22,490 rubles. Naturally, you should take into account the difference in cost depending on the regions, somewhere it is significantly less, and somewhere more. There are some differences in technical parameters:

Husqvarna 365 SP:

Stihl 230 Or 250 Which is Better

Stihl MS 361 16:

Stihl 230 Or 250 Which is Better

As we can see, Husqvarna has a larger working volume compared to Calm at the same power. Most likely, the same power is achieved by increasing the speed of the Calm engine, and from this we can conclude that the load in the engine increases. Accordingly, the Calm engine is subject to greater wear and tear and reduced piston operation. Though…

However, there is unconfirmed information that Huska 365 is not assembled in Sweden, but in Turkey, and the quality of the piston and cylinder is in great doubt. On the contrary, Stihl is notable for its build quality, the individual components of which are assembled at certain plants under the control of the company. So these are not good reasons for the quality of the two firms.

Another no less discussed and controversial issue in the “Calm and Huska case” is a cutting headset: a tire and chains. Global dispute

So, what is the difference between the Huskvarnoy and Calm saw tires? That’s right. by the presence of inlets for the lubrication of the driven sprocket: Calm does not have them, Khuskvarnaya has them. I want to make a reservation right away that these remarks relate to the standard equipment of the saws sold, already by decision the tires can be replaced additionally. So is this a disadvantage or an advantage?

This calm seemed superfluous in the design of the tire, since the driven sprocket on the tire is fully lubricated. In addition, to increase the service life, it is supposed to fill in the gearbox with specialized oil, which will ensure proper penetration and lubrication of the saw elements. But is it essential for us. Russians, who fill not only the autol, but also the development of the tool in the gearbox. There is not only an asterisk, but the oil pump does not stand up!

Huskvarnivtsi decided to play it safe and provided their offspring with additional channels for lubricating the sprocket, which is injected with grease from a specialized syringe. Thus, the sprocket is lubricated with gear oil in the lower channels of the tire (intended for chain lubrication) and grease from the syringe from the upper holes of the tire. Ideal. yes, but as always there is BUT!

With large-scale logging, when you need to keep a high pace of work, it is not always possible to syringe the sprocket, in particular in winter, when the lubricant freezes in the syringe, and Russian laziness plays an important role.

Another important clarification. The fact is that Stihl is the only company in the world that independently produces a cutting headset, in our case a saw bar. Husqvarna, as far as I know, uses not only its products in this area, which wants the best, but also uses the development of other companies. For example, I have a negative attitude to Huskvarn tires and have always tried to use tires from other manufacturers, in particular, tires from Oregon, which justified itself on the Husqvarna chainsaw. Of course, the choice among professional tires is not uncommon and there are durable tires of Husqvarna. from 3,000-plus rubles, but the prices are already “biting”. I used a good Husqvarn tire with oblique channels for chain lubrication and the presence of a removable sprocket. But again, the price.

As for the shock absorbers, the models I have presented, I can confidently call Shtil the leader. For a year of working with him, I never broke a single shock absorber, although the saw wobbled. be healthy!

The topic of two-stroke engine oil should be discussed. Of course, a separate article should be written about this, but I will touch on some points.

This applies to the organoleptic properties of oils of both companies. Have you noticed how “drags” from Husqvarn oil? As if the cats had pissed. the stench is unbearable. Yes, to hell with this stink, we are not going to smell it, the matter is in the distinguishing feature of the smell, which gives off ammonia. If the presence of ammonia substances is really present in the product, then this “is not buzzing” for the instrument, or rather for its engine! On the contrary, calm oil has a specifically pleasant smell, thereby causing greater confidence in its product.

Well, my readers, I’m probably going to put an end to this. Of course, I didn’t touch on everything, but this is already necessary for you, which will supplement or, on the contrary, diminish my observations and arguments. In the meantime, you decide which is better Husqvarna or Stihl.

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