Such Unusual Rabbits: Interesting Facts

They are incredibly cute, fluffy and funny. Favorite children and adults. Of course, we are talking about rabbits. But do you know all about them? We have prepared interesting facts that will not prevent every owner of this fluffy bundle of happiness from knowing.

Have you noticed that rabbits constantly chew something? And they love to gnaw everything that comes their way: wires, shoes, legs of chairs and sofas. Some owners are upset and prompted all the time to keep the little creature in a cage (out of harm’s way). Meanwhile, these cute animals bite your furniture not out of harm, but because of natural necessity. So they satisfy the need to grind their teeth.

We are accustomed to, that people first grow baby teeth, then they fall out and are replaced by root ones. Rabbits are a bit different. In their natural environment, they prefer solid food, which is why their teeth quickly grind off. Therefore, nature has awarded these animals a unique feature – their incisors grow throughout their lives.

Such unusual rabbits: interesting facts

The growth rate of teeth is amazing: over the year, the front incisors grow 10 cm.

Often eared do not have enough solid food, and this can affect the health of the teeth. Therefore, the owners of rabbits need to take care that the animal has something to gnaw. Give your pet as much hay, twigs, buy special crayon or wooden toys. A common procedure is to trim the teeth: this task will be easily handled in the nearest veterinary clinic. You can shorten the incisors at home, for this you will need nail clippers for a manicure and a nail file.

Such unusual rabbits: interesting facts

Rabbits very quickly memorize the territory in which they live. After a few days of walking around the apartment, they will know how the furniture is located, where you can profit by the delicious food, and how to get to your house. And in complete darkness, the animals move as confidently as in the light of day. Their secret is in special organs of touch.

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Looking at rabbits, you may notice that they have rather long mustache and hair on their eyebrows. They need a small animal in order to navigate the terrain. The scale of the whiskers of an animal is the same as the width of its body. This helps him to estimate the distance between objects and not to run into obstacles even at night.

It is known that rabbits are very prolific animals. This also applies to dwarf breeds, but their maturation process is somewhat longer. In rabbits, the reproductive age does not come before 6 months, and in one lamb the female has 2 or 4 young. Pregnancy rabbit lasts only a month. After two weeks, the babies come out of the nest and become independent, and at this time their mother is already ready to bring up the children again.

That is why the reproduction rate of these animals is so high: in one year, one pair of rabbits can produce eight litters. But if it is the norm for farm animals, then the animals should not be reduced too often. After the fifth birth, the survival rate of the offspring decreases, and the health of the female is very much affected. If you do not plan to breed rabbits, the rabbit should be sterilized.

Such unusual rabbits: interesting facts

When the rabbit fits her time, she begins to build a nest for her children. Do not be surprised if your little animal is actively tearing out its fur in the chest or tummy area. This is how the maternal instinct manifests itself, and with its down, the female lines the nest so that the kids are warm and comfortable. Rabbits living at home need help in creating a nest: the easiest way is to make it out of a cardboard box, the size of which is slightly larger than the rabbit itself.

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After lambing, the female licks her cubs for a long time: the entire shell must be removed from their bodies, and their breathing is stimulated in this way. Newborn baby rabbits (which kittens are called, by the way) need to be kept warm, so for about two weeks they always sit in a nest. But their mother spends very little time with her offspring, feeds once or twice a day, and the whole process takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Due to the fact that the eyes of the rabbit are planted on the sides, he sees almost 360 degrees. This vision allows you to see the enemy from afar, even if he sneaks up behind him. But what is in front of his own nose, the rabbit will not see. To better view the subject, the animal turns its head to the side. And rabbits are adapted to live in the dark, so during the day they see objects blurred, and with the onset of dusk, the pet sees the world around it much more clearly.

Who is familiar with eared pets, knows that sometimes they emit a very specific smell. It is impossible to get rid of it, even if you regularly change the litter in the cage. This does not mean that the animal is dirty. Rabbits are neat people, they constantly lick their fur, and you don’t get too dirty at home. So what is the reason for not very pleasant “amber”?

Like all living things, rabbits have secretion glands on their bodies. In nature, they are needed for the animals to mark the territory and scare off predators. But at home the smell from these glands brings discomfort to households. The glands are in the animal on the chin, but the most “odorous” – near the anus. To remove this smell, these glands need to be periodically cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with water.

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Eared pets have a well-developed memory, and they are also very clever and quick-witted. In nature, it helps small fragile rabbits to survive, and for animals it is an additional advantage. It’s nice to know that your pet will regularly go to the tray, and even learn some useful commands. And do not be surprised when the rabbit will be able to independently open the deadbolt on the cage, or will, like a doggy, meet the owner at the door – this kid is very smart.

Mental eared abilities can and even need to be put on a peaceful course, teaching him some tricks and commands. The rabbit quickly remembers his name and some simple words, and over time will be able to perform complex tasks. Training rabbits is an exciting and enjoyable experience. A little patience and strength, and your pet will catch admiring glances of others, doing a stand or playing football with a toy ball.

For a rabbit, long distances or high obstacles are not a problem. Its powerful legs are so strong that the animal can jump a meter in height. Eared run very fast too: large breeds accelerate to 35 km per hour, dwarf rabbits – a little less. To keep muscles in shape, they need to constantly move. If the rabbit will constantly sit in the cage, his muscles will atrophy, besides, it is harmful to his skeleton.

Eared animals give us a good example of the need to lead an active lifestyle. To be healthy, a rabbit needs to walk for no less than 4 hours a day. The bigger, the better. When a rabbit can move freely, whenever he wants, he grows strong and healthy.

And finally – a selection of videos with cute and funny ears.

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