What kind of oil goes to a chainsaw chain

All modern chainsaws have a separate oil circuit for lubricating the cutting elements of the chain.

The quality of the saw depends on their condition and working conditions. Therefore, companies manufacturing accessories for chainsaws create special brands of oils that provide reliable lubrication of the surface.

Which oil to use

It is widely believed that high-quality branded oil for the chainsaw chain should be used only in the gasoline-oil mixture of the engine. Nevertheless, the choice of oil for lubrication is a simple matter. Anyone is suitable, if only he gets where he needs to.

But applying grease to the chain is half the battle. It is necessary that it rests on the metal and remains on the lower edge, with which the wood is sawed. For this purpose, substances with increased adhesion, that is, the ability to adhere to and adhere to the surface, are used. Weak adhesion oil will fly off a fast-spinning chain, splattering all around to no avail. Of course, some part will remain, but it is not known whether this will be enough so that during intensive work the circuit does not overheat.

Important! During all-weather work with a chainsaw, it is necessary to take into account the dependence of the oil supply conditions on the season and air temperature.

Minerals that provide chain and tire lubrication at positive temperature crystallize and thicken in the cold. This leads to the fact that the lubricant will be supplied with difficulty and the load on the oil pump will increase. His service life is shortened and he may prematurely fail. In winter, you need to choose synthetic materials with special additives that provide reliable lubrication in frosts up to 40 ℃. With small frosts and temperatures around zero, semi-synthetics are used.

Evaluation of the use of different oils for the lubrication of chains of chainsaws boils down to the fact that the wrong choice can increase the load on the engine up to 10%. The life of the chain itself and the saw bar is further reduced.

Due to the fact that environmental significance has recently been attached, branded oil products are increasingly being made on the basis of decaying substances. But with prolonged use, chain lubricant consumption can be measured in liters. And for people who are not indifferent to nature, this will be another reason to choose an environmentally friendly product. If it is not all the same, what splashes your plot and what traces remain on the wood after sawing.

When and how to fill

Where to pour oil for the chain is understandable. There is a separate tank for this. In most chainsaws, the size of this capacity is calculated taking into account the volume of the saw’s gas tank. When filling both tanks to the eyeballs, they empty at about the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to fill the full volume of the oil tank at the same time as filling the fuel tank. Then you do not have to be distracted by topping up twice.

Before starting work, it is useful to check whether oil will flow to the circuit. To do this, just point the end of the tire on a flat surface. Some part of the grease will fly off the edge of the tire. Drops on the surface indicate normal operation of the system.

At high negative temperatures, summer oil thickens and its lubricity deteriorates. Therefore, it is worth using stamps designed for winter conditions. If this is not possible, then it is worth spending time diluting the existing oil to reduce its density. It is best to dilute with kerosene in a ratio of 1 to 4.

Some models provide for adjusting the feed rate in the lubrication system. It is useful for adjustments in the event of a change in lubricant type.

Note! It is impossible to fill in a tank a mixture of oils of different types. mineral and synthetic.

If the oil from one manufacturer runs out, and there is the same type, but from a different company, then mixing them is allowed provided that they are used immediately. Leaving this mixture for a long time is not worth it.

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Asterisk grease

At the end of the tire for the chainsaw is a driven sprocket that provides chain rotation. It also needs to be lubricated periodically. For this, thick materials are used. You can use universal STIHL grease. Suitable and domestic lubricants based on lithol. There is a special hole on the tire for lubricating the sprockets. A grease nipple or syringe must be pumped into it.

It should be noted that with frequent operation of the toe of the tire, for example, when selecting grooves, the load on the sprocket increases and it needs to be lubricated more often.

Major manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of chainsaws produce consumables and lubricants for them, including especially for chains and tires. Other things being equal, preference should be given to the products of the manufacturer of the chainsaw itself. But the quality of the best brands is such that the use of lubricants from another manufacturer will not have a negative impact on the work.

The most famous brands are the German company STIHL, Swedish Husqvarna and Japanese Makita. They provide a fairly wide selection of adhesive oils, among which there are:

  • Mineral Stihl ForestPlus is designed to operate at temperatures up to 15 ℃. Standard packaging. 1 and 5 liters. For long-term work, it has recently been produced in a 20-liter container;
  • highly ecological Stihl BioPlus is produced on a plant basis. Once in the soil, it quickly decomposes without polluting it. Operating temperature is also up to 15 ℃. Packing. 1 and 3 l;
  • for low temperatures, the semi-synthetic Stihl SynthPlus is suitable, operating up to 25 °.
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable Bio and Bio Advanced. It is presented as a universal multigrade oil. Option Bio Advanced. improved oxidation resistance and up to 10% better lubricating properties;
  • Makita. Biotop Oil;
  • adhesive oil Champion.
What kind of oil goes to a chainsaw chain

Of the Russian brands, specifically for chains there is "ZUBR ZMPM-M". There are other, less well-known manufacturers, whose lubricating oil is noticeably lower in price.

How to replace expensive oil

Special branded chain lubricants have the disadvantage of their high price. Buy a liter of other expensive oil is not burdensome. And if there are works that require several liters, or even tens of liters, there are probably thoughts about saving. The main thing when considering options is not to go to extremes. You can save on oil to such an extent that you have to change the chain several times, or even the tire itself or the oil pump.

There are three replacement options. First, specialized products from little-known manufacturers can be used to lubricate the chain. But such oils still need to be searched. In addition, there is a risk of stumbling on a poor-quality product.

The use of oils for automotive engines. They can be used as a temporary replacement, but they cannot boast of high adhesion, so the quality of their work will be clearly worse than special ones. For this reason, spindle and diesel oils are not recommended. the worst in adhesion.

And one must say about one more option. mining. This is the name of the oil that has spent its time in the engine, and drained from it when changing.

In fact, this is not an option at all. In mining, metal particles are necessarily present. And if they themselves may not damage the chain itself, then for sure the oil pump and the entire lubrication system. for sure. On forums on the Internet you can find a “killer” argument in favor of working out. that the Soviet Friendship chainsaw had no chain lubrication and worked. So you can pour anything. and so it goes. Well, so "Stihl" will also work with mining or even with a non-lubricated chain. The question is how long it will work and how many chains it will take to change during this period.

Caution to those with a chainsaw under warranty. Masters of warranty workshops are able to identify cases of poor-quality chain lubrication. Especially when using mining. Failure to repair the warranty will follow immediately.

Oil doesn’t flow on the chain, what are the reasons

Not always during operation, you can immediately see that oil is not supplied to the chainsaw chain. Signs of lack of lubrication:

  • the level in the tank does not go down;
  • cutting is difficult, accompanied by the smell of a burnt tree;
  • oil droplets do not fly off the tip of the chainsaw tire.

Having found a malfunction of the oil system, it is necessary to establish its cause. There are few of them. a blockage, a broken hose or a malfunction of the oil pump.

Most often, the oil feed channel is clogged with dirt and sawdust. Air purging or thin wire cleaning is sufficient to eliminate the malfunction. The oil tank has its own internal filter. When using normal oil, its clogging is unlikely, while filling it is quite possible. Have to clean.

The oil hose may be damaged or the hose may break completely. Temporarily it is possible to stick over the damaged place, but it will be more reliable to replace with a new one.

And the most serious problem is the breakdown of the oil pump. The reasons can be different. the teeth of the worm gear are worn out, the plunger is jammed and others. Removing the pump and replacing a damaged part on its own will not be easy. It is more reliable and easier to contact a service center.

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