What Oil Is Poured Into A Lawn Mower

Let us first understand how “push-pull” oils differ fundamentally from “four-stroke” oils. The requirements for the latter are more stringent, because in a four-stroke engine the oil “works” several thousand kilometers. Many additives in it are designed for a long service life, and therefore they are completely useless in the “two-stroke”. over, they are even harmful: without burning completely, the additives leave hard-to-remove deposits in the engine. In a two-stroke engine, oil, burning with gasoline, actually flies into the pipe, and the requirements for its lubricating properties are not so stringent. Therefore, any “four-stroke” oil can replace “two-stroke”, but not vice versa.

What Oil Is Poured Into A Lawn Mower

The main requirements for “push-pull” oil are its complete and smokeless combustion, firstly, and the ability to dissolve uniformly in gasoline, and secondly. The latter is especially important for the “self mix” category of oils intended for separate lubrication systems (if the packaging says “pre mix”, the oil must be mixed with gasoline).

Until recently, motorcyclists across the country used two-stroke engines M8V1 or M10G2k (the so-called “KAMAZ"), but dreamed of getting an aircraft MS-20. We decided to try them out. also. And “competitive” ones are a number of imported ones: “Liqui Moly”, “Shell” (Shell), “Esso” (Esso), “Texaco” (Texaco), “Motorex” (Motorex), “Ipoon” ( Ipone), “Castrol” (Castrol), “Valvoline” (Valvoline), “Motul” (Motul), from almost all manufacturing companies in two forms, as well as domestic oil for two-stroke engines MGD-14M.

In order to evaluate the quality of the content of packages with variegated labels, they turned to the laboratory of ZiL JSC, where they entrusted oil samples to specialists. To avoid addictions and prejudices, they bottled them without indicating the origin of the contents and marked them with nothing talking numbers.

Lubrication tests have shown stunning results. It turned out that many foreign “push-pull” these properties are not better than the domestic “four-stroke” M8B1 and M10G2k (remember that we spoke at the very beginning about the advantages of the “four-stroke”). In this case, the difference between semi-synthetic and synthetic is extremely small. And one more discovery: the good old aviation MS-20. the ultimate dream of many. is inferior to almost everyone. It is not surprising, because there are no additives in it. Conclusion: you can drive fearlessly on domestic “four-stroke” oils. But note that, pouring them into the tank, you will have to put up with increased carbonization and excessive smoke. And regularly clean the soot in the engine, otherwise there is a risk of ruining it.

Now get ready. shock awaits you. It provokes its “ugly duckling”. MGD-14M. This domestic “mineral water” is second only to the synthetic “Aypone Samourai” in anti-seize properties, but at the same time surpasses it, like all others, in anti-wear properties! Hence the conclusion: not everything is gold that is foreign, not all rubbish is ours. MGD-14M is quite capable of replacing imported oils even on forced “two-stroke engines”.

For clarity, we decided to convert the absolute values ​​of the three most important parameters. the critical load (characterizing the lubricating properties), the diameter of the wear spot (anti-wear properties) and the flash point (showing the ability of the oil to ignite). into points. The worst indicators were rated one, the best. ten. Honestly, not everything is clear with the flash point: many people lower it specifically to “fit” with strict environmental requirements. But we do not have Europe. the exhaust smoke is not standardized. And okay: motorcycles in the country are still incomparably smaller than cars. Therefore, to assess the flash point, a significance factor of 0.8 was introduced. By the way, the value of the critical load is important for engines operating in extreme conditions, i.e., for those related to sports, and the diameter of the wear spot is for ordinary road bikes.

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Take a note: the lifespan of your engine depends not only on the merits of the oil, but also to an incomparably greater degree. on its concentration in gasoline. A motor is like porridge: you won’t spoil it with butter. Do not save, do not dilute oil in gasoline with a thinner than 1:50 with regular use of motorcycles on the road. Believe me, it’s better to clean the deposits once again.

The brand owes its first place to a unique combination of high performance. It can be used in a variety of motorcycles, from sports to road. An indirect, but nonetheless serious flaw is its packaging. The absence of any means and methods of ee protection allows non-clean dealers to pour anything into a similar jar.

Extremely high lubricating properties elevated this oil to the top of the rating, despite its modest anti-wear properties. Recommended for highly boosted (especially sports) motors. A unique packaging with an integrated measuring tank facilitates the preparation of the mixture.

Not the most outstanding anti-wear properties against a background of decent lubricating and high flash temperatures rigidly orient the product to sports use.

And again. oil for sports. The brand has been represented in our country for many years and managed to establish itself from the best side.

Ideal for a road bike or scooter. Reason for that. highest anti-wear properties.

A universal product in the best sense of the word. Able to withstand the third largest critical load among the compared means. Suitable for extreme pokatushek, and for heavy road use.

A good combination of parameters, but anti-wear properties are not high. Best used for sports riding.

A typical oil for road bikes and scooters with an average combination of indicators. The scope is the widest, except for sports.

High lubricating properties and low viscosity determine the scope of the oil. it is for systems with separate lubrication in highly accelerated motors.

Excellent anti-wear properties, the worst. lubricating. It is better to keep it away from forced engines. But in the "Izh" will. Better yet, a chainsaw or lawnmower.

Unlike the synthetic Samourai, the sample did not show outstanding results. It is also unclear how to measure the product. there are no scales in the canisters. You can’t be silent: the price, in our opinion, is clearly too high.

Suitable for boosted engines with separate lubrication system. Not the best anti-wear properties are more than offset by high critical load.

Universal remedy. It seems to be all separately taken parameters and nothing The low antiwear properties spoiled the picture. Half liter packaging is very convenient.

Average. the most common oil for a road bike. An unpressurized lid may occur in packages. do not be lazy, check when buying.

It’s not in vain that oil is popular. its performance is slightly worse than that of more expensive “semi-synthetic” counterparts.

A good option for forced engines, but low anti-wear properties push this oil to the "tail" of our rating.

Low anti-wear properties pushed good oil in general to the end of the rating.

Good lubricating properties are greatly corrupted by useless antiwear.

Value for money for each grade of oil will help you determine the chart. Vertically, we set aside the points “earned” by the samples; horizontally, their price in dollars. And they divided the resulting field with a diagonal in half. Analyze the chart and think: are you forced to overpay for oils that are to the right of the diagonal?


It would seem that science fiction. the domestic MGD-14M bypasses eminent world manufacturers! In fact, there is nothing surprising. after all, the best foreign companies use our mineral base, and Russian factories, in turn, use the same additive package as the manufacturers of the most “high-profile” brands. Here are just cheap packaging directly provokes fakes. Do not miss!

And the main conclusion: in our rating there are no bad oils. But each of them must comply with the operating conditions. Look not at the price, but at the fluid parameters. Say, “racing” “synthetics” is not the best choice for a scooter. And vice versa. So, using our information, you can extend the life of your device.

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