What Torque A Screwdriver Should Have

The screwdriver torque is a significant parameter that you need to pay attention to when choosing. It must be taken into account whether the tool will be used for homework or professional. On sale today there are a variety of models that differ in their characteristics.

What Torque A Screwdriver Should Have

In the construction market, there are many models of screwdrivers from various manufacturers, which differ depending on the power source, parts and functions.

Screwdriver Models

A screwdriver is the most commonly used tool that is indispensable for construction and repair activities. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of models that can be used under various conditions. This tool is convenient for manual work, it is necessary for tightening / loosening screws, screws, screws, for drilling and even for mixing building mixtures.

According to the power source, the tool is classified into:

The cordless screwdriver is powered by the included battery.

  1. Battery models powered by special batteries. They increase the weight of the tool, but make the work more convenient in hard-to-reach places.
  2. Network appliances that require an electrical connection. They have a limited area of ​​action due to the length of the cord, although extension cords can be used.

According to the purpose of the equipment can be divided into:

  • models for construction / repair work;
  • for production shops, workshops, auto repair shops;
  • for industrial enterprises;
  • for domestic use.

There are professional, semi-professional, and household models on sale. When choosing, attention should be paid to the torque, which shows what kind of work a screwdriver can handle.

What is meant by torque?

Cordless screwdriver device.

Torque is a value that allows you to determine the level of load on the equipment. Which option to choose? It is usually equal to 5-10 Nm, this is quite enough for safe and high-quality tool operation. This parameter is provided for most household and semi-professional models that can easily cope with tight self-tapping screws, drilling steel, concrete.

What should be the torque? Pay attention to what the tool will be. For example, for a universal device, it is necessary to choose rather high values ​​of torque so that the tool copes equally well with any type of work, whether it be self-tapping screws or structurally rigid materials. If a tool is required only for drilling wood, then you can prefer a model with a small moment from the number of household ones. When choosing, attention should be paid to the number of revolutions. For example, 400-500 is enough for screwing screws. For drilling hard surfaces, it is best to use devices with a speed of 1200-1300 per minute.

The ratio of torque and screw diameter

When choosing a cordless or cordless screwdriver, it is important to correctly determine the ratio of screw diameter to speed. Such a dependency is not too difficult to determine:

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To tighten screws of different diameters, different rotational speeds are required.

  1. If the screw diameter is 6 mm, then the rotation frequency during screwing will be 10 Nm. For structurally soft or hard materials, the frequency will be 25 Nm.
  2. If the screw diameter is 7 mm, then the torque when working with hard materials will be 27 Nm, and for soft materials. 11 Nm.
  3. With a maximum screw diameter of 8 mm, the torque will be 30 Nm.

What does this ratio show? You can determine what kind of torque can be used with a specific diameter of the rotor. The right choice will not only make the work more efficient, but also increase the quality, reliability, and durability of the equipment. The operation will be performed much faster, the operator will spend less effort.

Network equipment has a lot of power on the work process has little effect, and batteries run out quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to have spare batteries and the ability to charge already installed. Usually, manufacturers provide spare batteries for a professional tool, but for simpler models, at least one battery will have to be purchased separately. When choosing a screwdriver, it is necessary to take into account the presence of another function. a reverse stroke. It is necessary when the drill is stuck in the material. Such a reverse is usually electronic; to control it, use the on-off switch, which is located near the start button.

Which torque is better?

A screwdriver is a tool that is necessary for carrying out various kinds of work. This is not only construction, but also many home repairs, such as furniture assembly, installation of communications. To choose the right equipment, attention should be paid to the torque on which comfort and quality of work depend. For example, a too powerful tool is not needed to assemble furniture. If you plan to install an interior partition, then you need to take more professional equipment that will perfectly cope with the task.

Drills and screwdrivers are used to mix building mixtures, you just need to purchase a construction mixer nozzle.

The torque of such tools should be sufficient to mix even the most viscous mixtures and solutions, to ensure their uniformity, high quality.

For mixing concrete and other viscous mixtures, special nozzles are used.

If it is required to use nozzles for mortars, then the torque should be sufficient to cope with mixtures of not only low viscosity, but also high. The choice of model depends on the planned work. If you need to use a screwdriver for mixing liquid mixtures, the torque may not be too high. If the tool is purchased for working with viscous mixtures, then it is already necessary to prefer professional devices whose speeds are high.

Equipment that will be used for a variety of work must have a speed controller. Then the torque can be changed depending on what kind of work package needs to be performed. When choosing a screwdriver, you need to look so that the latch for the control button always works, and not just at maximum effort. In the first case, the tool can be used for any work with the most convenient conditions. The value of the torque is possible to change. It is recommended to buy models that have manual or electronic control. They have a special step-down transformer that works great with liquid mixtures when the voltage drops.

What to do when you need to work with viscous mixtures?

Not infrequently, a screwdriver with a shock function is used to knead viscous mixtures. To do this, you should choose equipment with high power, since ordinary household ones can not cope with the assigned work, efforts will not be enough. The torque of this device must be high, i.e. Professional equipment should be bought. It is possible to use mechanical built-in gears, they make it possible to use the equipment even at the 1st speed. It is necessary to provide a cooling system, it is important to prevent overheating of the motor.

If a screwdriver will be used to assemble shelves or to install a conventional cornice, then high power is not needed, torque will not matter much. If the equipment is purchased for frequent use, and the work will need to be carried out various, related to the preparation of mortars, then you need to choose from semi-professional and professional tools. They will provide all the required conditions for quality work.

Choosing a screwdriver home, you need to pay attention to its many parameters. You should immediately decide if you need a professional tool or if a not too powerful household tool will do. After that, you should familiarize yourself with the proposed set of functions, technical characteristics, among which torque plays an important role.

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