Which Lawn Mower Is Best Self-Propelled Or Not

Gas mowers are very popular today. They are easy to manage and operate, do not require special care, the devices do their job perfectly. Among the many varieties of lawn mowers, gasoline occupies a separate place, since it is considered the most convenient and modern. The main advantage of these devices is considered to be power, which depends on the area of ​​the site. The larger it is, the more powerful the mower should be. If this factor is not taken into account, the device will mow grass for a long time, wear out faster and require repair.

Types of self-propelled gas mowers

What is a self-propelled lawn mower?

Self-propelled gas mower. a popular device for removing excess grass outside the yard, in the yard or in other areas. At the same time, gasoline devices, which have established themselves as the most effective, are in special demand among buyers. They are divided into two types:

The question of which lawnmower is better. self-propelled or not, worries gardeners and gardeners. To give an answer, you should understand the features of both types.

Self-propelled vehicles are more modern, which are perfect for processing uneven areas. Such mowers are lightweight, mobile, labor-intensive and easy to manage. In turn, self-propelled structures are front-wheel and rear-wheel. Briefly about them:

  • Rear wheel drive. They are best used in uneven and hilly areas, as they are easy to control and do not skid in pits.
  • Front wheel drive. mobile, lightweight and manoeuvrable, but suitable for use on flat areas.

Non-self-propelled mowers are devices that need to be moved manually. It is advisable to purchase them in the case when the summer resident has an even, small area, and the person himself wants to get physical activity.

Additional Information! When choosing a non-self-propelled apparatus, it should be noted that not only it will have to be moved, but also the mowed grass, so many gardeners stop on self-propelled devices.

Need a self-propelled or non-self-propelled lawn mower, each summer resident chooses for himself. However, many prefer the first option, despite the higher cost. He fully lives up to expectations and copes with the task.

AL-KO device

The principle of operation and the device of self-propelled lawn mowers on gasoline

Gasoline models, like electric ones, consist of the following elements:

Important! All self-propelled gas mowers operate on the same principle. They differ only in model features and separate additional mechanisms.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-propelled gas mowers

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers are characterized by a high level of productivity, which is achieved due to the high power of the work. in about an hour the worker can remove grass on 20-30 square meters. It is also possible to install additional engines with increased power. Other benefits of gasoline lawnmowers are:

  • Complete independence from power sources and an automated work process. a person will only need to indicate the direction of movement.
  • Mobility, lightness and ergonomics, which makes it easy to maneuver on the site, choosing unprocessed areas.
  • Grass catchers do not allow branches, pebbles and dirt to get into the eyes. this makes the operation stable and safe.
  • Comfortable operation. the device is automatically controlled and practically does not require human intervention.

However, such a wonderful device has its drawbacks: the high price of the device and exhaust gases, which are always emitted during operation. But this drawback is immediately covered by another plus. working in the fresh air, a person practically does not suffer from harmful substances and does not feel the smell of gasoline.

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Another significant drawback is the expensive repair. if the equipment fails, it will be difficult to repair it, only real professionals who have the necessary equipment can entrust this business. over, it is really expensive.

Gardena lawn fixture

Technical Specifications of Gasoline Self-propelled Lawnmowers

Technical specifications vary by model. In general, special attention should be paid to such characteristics:

  • Motor power. In medium-sized models, it is approximately 1.5-2 kW.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is on average 0.5-2 liters.
  • The size of the grass catcher is 30-70 cm.
  • The width of the strip is 30-50 cm.
  • Weight 20-60 kg.
  • The minimum cut is 1 cm, the maximum. up to 10.

Important! Exact specifications must be viewed on a separate model.

Care and maintenance rules

Despite the fact that the devices are modern devices, they need care so that the mowers last for a long time and do not break. It is important to take a break during work for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, the motor may simply burn out. When the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the knives and wheels from the remains of leaves, grass, earth and twigs.

The device should be stored in a dry, warm place. self-propelled devices break quickly from dampness and moisture, do not tolerate frost and other adverse conditions. You need to work only in warm, clear weather for the same reasons. In addition, you should regularly sharpen knives so that they are not dull and always ready to go. Inspect the external state of the device and inspect the internal mechanisms only when the engine is off. The grass box is emptied every 20 minutes of operation.

Professional gas mower

Self-propelled lawn mower: rating, best models

Which lawnmower is better: self-propelled or not? Self-propelled petrol lawnmower will definitely come in handy on the farm.

Rating, which shows the best models that work accurately and stably, are distinguished by sufficient power and performance:

  • AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A. Inexpensive model with acceptable features at an economical cost.
  • Huter GLM-5.0 S. The device with the best engine.
  • Husqvarna LC 348V. Winning thanks to accelerated and high-quality cutting.
  • Makita PLM 5113. The lightweight mobile device allows you to process even small areas.

Among manufacturing companies, the following are popular:

  • German companies Hammer and AL-CO, supplying the highest quality gardening equipment.
  • Swiss manufacturer of luxury Husqvarna lawn mowers.
  • Makita. a Japanese company offers practical, maneuverable and inexpensive devices.
  • Champion is a domestic manufacturer that has been manufacturing simple, inexpensive and convenient devices since 2005.

How to choose a self-propelled gasoline mower: selection criteria

Attention should be paid to such aspects:

  • Power.
  • Performance.
  • Grass catcher volume.
  • Warranty period.
  • Body material.

For a small garden plot, a device with an average power of about 1.5 kW and a grass catcher volume of 50 cm is quite suitable. If the plot is larger, you need to pay attention to more productive devices. On some models, a special skating rink is installed, which allows you to leave a decorative mark after work.

Which Lawn Mower Is Best Self-Propelled Or Not

Which lawnmower is better: electric or gasoline

This question is asked by almost all summer residents. Given the inadequate gas prices, which are increasing every year, electric models will be much cheaper, even if the area is huge. However, they directly depend on the source of electricity, while gasoline devices are completely autonomous and able to work without any extraneous sources. it is enough to fill the mower with gasoline on time.

In addition, gas mowers capture more territory, so the work moves faster. very convenient for large areas.

If we talk about the convenience of work, then in the fresh air it is equally comfortable to mow with gasoline and electric mowers.

Thus, if saving is important to the summer resident, and the site is small, it is better to choose an electrical unit. If the area is large and the means allow you to refuel the tank regularly, the best option would be a gas mower.

Which Lawn Mower Is Best Self-Propelled Or Not

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