Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

In the modern world, one cannot very often imagine working without a chainsaw. This wonderful tool is applied achieved by the development of civilization in many different areas. She serves as a good assistant for the gardener, carpenter, builder.

Classification of chainsaw types

Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

Chainsaws fall into several categories. The very first one is household chainsaws, they are needed for not particularly difficult work, as they are low-power, but compact and convenient. Practically every manufacturer has household saws, because they are in demand. A more serious caliber are semi-professional saws. With their help, you can safely cut logs and carry out construction. Professional saws are the most powerful devices they have tremendous power and it is possible to work with them up to eight hours in a row!

Breakdown recommendations

Unfortunately, at present there is nothing eternal, and therefore our “good helper”. a chainsaw is no exception. In this short article, we would like to consider an example of a breakdown on the “Partner 350” chainsaw. This type of gas tool is very easy to use, has good quality and can arrange many for the price. This wonderful chainsaw has a 1.8 horsepower engine. She helps a lot in housework, It has low noise and not very large size. But even such a saw sometimes needs repair.

So what to do if suddenly your chainsaw breaks. Most often, people try to find information on the Internet. To do this, just drive “Partner 350” chainsaw repair into the search box. And you probably have already done so.

To begin, let’s try to determine what is wrong with our saw. It may not start or start and immediately stall, and a chainsaw may simply lose its power. Yes, without skills and experience, it will definitely be difficult for you to do something here, but if you read this article, then with due diligence you will succeed.

First warning during repair

Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

A chainsaw consists of many parts. We highlight the main ones, such as:

  • engine;
  • fuel tank;
  • ignition cable.

Since this is only a small part in a not very detailed description, it should be noted that chainsaws are almost identical in structure, which greatly simplifies their diagnosis and repair. Repair can be greatly complicated if you do not turn to the master on time and continue to operate the broken equipment. And it is absolutely true that in order to repair a chainsaw, it is best to contact the master, because the future “life” of your “irreplaceable Partner” for work depends on the repair.

So, when carrying out repairs the master must check all the details of the chainsaw, why it is taken apart. Most often, breakdowns arise from improper and inaccurate operation of the device, so a fuel filter or breather often clogs up with sawdust. To diagnose blockage, the master disconnects the hose and checks for fuel leaks.

Fuel may also be supplied in insufficient quantities. This is due to the clogged air filter, so it should be replaced once every three months.

Video: Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

One of the important elements of a chainsaw is the spark plug, which also must be checked. Here, interesting causes of the malfunction are possible:

  • dry candle;
  • candle in oil;
  • the candle can be shrouded in black soot.

Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

If the candle is dry, it means that no fuel enters the cylinder, and this, in turn, means that everything is in order with the ignition and the repairmen are looking for another problem. If the candle, on the contrary, is in oil, it means that there is an excess of fuel. In this case you need to unscrew the candle and wipe it well, then put it back again. Black soot on a candle means that during its use, the owner of the chainsaw in the wrong proportions mixed gasoline and oil. Be sure to check for a spark.

As we can see, the repair is still not so simple and we still have a lot to come. The process of restoring the performance of a chainsaw includes some processes for cleaning the elements of this device, such as a silencer. We will analyze this operation in stages. To begin with, as in any repair, we need to find this part of our device, remove it and take it apart. If there is a lot of soot on it, then we need to clean it, and for this we need:

These items can be found in any home. We clean our muffler clean, then it’s important to dry it well, so that the repair does not go in vain and, of course, put it back in place.

Dry cleaning of the muffler is too hazardous for health; the soot contains a lot of carcinogen that can be accidentally inhaled!

Chain is an important piece of equipment of this type.

The chain plays a very important role in the chainsaw, because it is she who carries out the cutting of wood. It is made of special steel. Chains come in different sizes and with different pitch. Although the chain is made of special metal alloys, sooner or later it becomes dull. How do we understand when a chain is dull? Most often, the user of the chainsaw notices that the chain is dull too wrong time. it degrades performance and shortens battery life chainsaws. The first signs of blunting are excessive vibration. Further, you can pay attention to too slow cutting. In fact, you can even just simply look at the teeth of the saw and you can easily determine from it that it has become dull.

To resume our chain, it must be sharpened. Sharpening can be done with a file, there are also special machines that make sharpening better and easier. After the grinding process, blow the chain with air and put it in oil. This is not a very simple process, because sharpening must be done at the right angle. The biggest mistake made by inexperienced exploiters is that they sharpen the chainsaw too deeply. This sharpening too deep is the root cause, due to which the strength of the link is deteriorating.

Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

It is important to check how good the chain lubrication and the brake are during repairs. The very first sign of a malfunctioning lubrication system is oil smudges, they may appear due to the fact that the pipe connection along which the lubricant moves is not tight or damaged. This is corrected by banal crack repair or channel replacement. If the oil is not supplied enough, then this means that the tubes are clogged.

Price range and workshop repair warranty

If you have a chainsaw, then it is always worth carrying spare parts, to be able to carry out repairs on site if necessary. For amateurs, in no case should you try to repair the chainsaw yourself. Incorrect repairs can lead to more complex damage. There are many services for repair. try contacting them. Repair is carried out for a certain time. In good firms, minor repairs are carried out in just two to three days, but if the breakdown is serious, you will have to wait about a week. When choosing such a service, always pay attention to the warranty. It should be both on the spare parts themselves and on the job!

Why A Chain On A Chainsaw Loosens

The price for repairs varies depending on the complexity of the repair. In some places, you may be offered repairs at fairly cheap prices. Low prices do not mean poor quality sometimes. And you may come across a “office” that will offer to repair your gas-consuming equipment for only four hundred rubles (or in the area).

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